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SoL Selects is the gold standard for purity, potency, effect and taste for cannabis concentrates. By applying the fundamental forces of temperature and pressure to traditional extracts, SoL Selects creates the cleanest and most potent medicine available to the cannabis community. As the discerning patient knows, the power of Cannabis is not just THC, which is why SoL Selects tailors cannabinoid profiles and signature terpene blends, creating ‘Super Strains’. Terpenes are the all natural organic compounds found in Cannabis, they distinguish the sedating and full body effects of Indica or the energetic and active effects of Sativa while providing a wide spectrum of therapeutic effects. SoL Selects is the first company to optimize the full potential of medicines inherent to cannabis and their line of disposable pens come in an array of flavors and dosage amounts, such as:

Sol Selects Disposable Vape Pens Delivery in Los Angeles

KEY LIME : Activate with this invigorating Sativa that aligns energizing effects with anti-inflammatory support. Key Lime helps ease pain from sore joints and muscle cramps, making this the perfect choice for those who live a dynamic lifestyle.
TRIXXX : The perfect indica-dominant evening mix, Trixxx has a candy-coated berry flavor that is ideal for a quick relief from stress and pain.
PINK LEMONADE : A hybrid strain that acts as a fantastic pain reliever and antidepressant without sacrificing mental capacity. Pink Lemonaide allows the user to stay alert yet serene while medicating throughout the day.
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