LIIIL STIIIZY Disposable Weed Pens

LIIIL STIIIZY Disposable Weed Pens are filled with .5g of premium cannabis oil. Select your favorite strain and enjoy reliable & fast effects

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LIIIL STIIIZY Disposable Weed Pens

STIIIZY is one of the most popular and sought-after brands in Los Angeles and California. It has solidified it’s position by offering everyone a whole and convenient weed experience, free from any concerns.

There comprehensive range of cannabis catalog encompasses top-quality flowers boasting incredible strains, all of which you can consume in many forms.

And STIIIZY’s award-winning LIIIL STIIIZY vapes are filled with botanically derived terpenes to deliver the smoothest and purest cannabis oil you’ve ever tried.

STIIIZY meticulously crafts it’s distillates using a solvent-free distillation technique, exclusively employing premium-grade concentrates and terpenes sourced from cannabis.

LIIIL STIIIZY Disposable Weed Pens stand out as the ultimate compact, single-use cannabis pen, offering an unforeseen vaping journey characterized by superb flavor and substantial vapor production.

These disposable THC pens come with a user-friendly design and easy portability, making them the essential vaping device for those on the move.

Each is available in .5g disposable pods and features a non-rechargeable battery.

They are already pre-charged and primed for immediate use. An indicator light will be situated at the pen’s center for visual status notification.

The strain variety of LIIIL STIIIZY Disposable Weed Pens is insane! Plenty of astounding indica, sativa, and hybrid options are waiting for you.

And the best part is that it brings reliable & fast effects no matter the strain.


These vapes are small and fit nicely in your hand, but they still deliver strong performance.

You can easily put them in your pocket or purse. You might even be able to fit one in your wallet.

There small size makes them really easy to carry around, and they give you a reliable high that meets all your cannabis needs.


Priced at just above thirty dollars, these disposable vapes offer exceptional value. There longevity ensures that both your experience and your budget are well-rewarded.

How to Store a LIIIL STIIIZY Disposable Weed Pen?

You can keep your LIIIl STIIIZY disposable pen in a cool, waterless place out of natural daylight. We recommend an airtight container, such as a tupperware or mason jar.

If you have many pens, it’s better to label them to track which strain is housed in each pen easily.

Additionally, make it a habit to routinely clean your weed pens, particularly if they are stored over an extended duration.

Available Strains

LIIIL STIIIZY Disposable Weed Pens redefine the vaping journey, catering to both newbies and connoisseurs alike.

Here are the majestic cannabis strains you can enjoy with this easy-to-hit vape pen.

Indica Strains

Purple Punch

Purple Punch is an exquisite indica-dominant hybrid strain (80% indica / 20% sativa) that is carefully crafted by crossing the renowned Larry OG with the irresistibly potent Grand Daddy Purps. This exceptional strain delivers a powerful impact by delivering a one-two punch of euphoric lifted effects, ensuring that you experience the knockout high of Purple Punch almost instantaneously. Following this euphoric slam, you will receive a blissful and uplifting sensation that propels you into a state of pure and unadulterated happiness.

Watermelon Z (Coming Soon)

Watermelon Z is an indica strain with cerebral effects, crashing into the skull with exuberant joy.

As your thoughts fly, your body will enter a state of deep relaxation. It delivers a tantalizing combination of sweet citrus and watermelon flavors with every earthy inhale.

It’s aroma carries notes of herbal earthiness and luscious fruity citrus, accompanied by a pronounced sour undertone that gains a subtle pungency as the buds are ignited.

Skywalker OG

This exceptional cannabis flower features profoundly soothing effects, inducing a sensation of being firmly glued to the couch.

A spicy herbal jet fuel scent characterizes it’s aroma, while the flavor presents notes of spicy diesel followed by a herbal aftertaste.

Hardcore Og (Coming Soon)

Hardcore OG is an indica strain, a fusion of the immensely popular “Big Bud” and “DJ Short Blueberry” strains.

It comes forward with an alluring aroma reminiscent of sweet tea infused with honey, and the taste is even more delightful, featuring notes of sweet and spicy honey followed by a lingering herbal tea essence upon exhalation.

STIIIZY LIIIL Hardcore OG’s effects start strong, bringing a happy and uplifting feeling to clear away any unease in your mind. But soon after, you’ll feel relaxed and lazy due to the calming indica effect.

This makes you really want to sit or lie down, and you won’t feel like doing much except thinking deeply and eventually falling into a deep sleep.


If you love the smell of sweet cookies with whispers of earthy diesel that will give you a head-to-toe buzz, Biscotti is for you. Biscotti smells so good, one inhale of the flowers will have your mouth watering, wanting more. After only a few hits, you’ll be swept into pure joy and elation.

OG Kush 

OG Kush is sometimes known as “Premium OG Kush” or even just “Kush,” first cultivated in Florida almost 30 years ago now. This strain is the origin of the word, “OG,” used in many other cannabis strains over the years. Some believe that “OG” homages “Original Gangster,” an even older strain, though others tell other stories.

The aroma is often described as earthy with notes of pine and citrus which can be quite pungent when broken apart or smoked up close.


SFV OG is all about relaxation. Effects begin to set in immediately after smoking, and consumers note a feeling of deep relaxation spreading throughout the body.SFV OG is a strong smelling plant that will make it’s presence known instantly. It’s aroma is often described as harsh, as this strain contains strong notes of lemon and pine in it, and is often very sweet and pungent at the same time. SFV OG has a mostly earthy flavor with strong notes of pine.

Sativa Strains

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is an invigorating sativa strain that delivers an uplifting mental buzz. Choose this strain when you need some mental clarity and fueled-up stimulation. With a pungent, tangy odor that is similar to diesel and tastes like oranges it may be Sour Diesel’s most distinctive attribute.

Strawberry Cough

Few strains are more appropriately named. Strawberry Cough has a sweet, fruity taste but is followed by deep, potent harshness. The high is noticed almost immediately and is described as uplifting by the majority of users. Strawberry Cough enthusiasts enjoy expanding there minds through deep conversation, thought-provoking books, or complex problem-solving.

Orange Sunset (Coming Soon)

Orange Sunset is a sativa strain that brings fantastic energizing effects. A surge of warmth and excitement washes over your body as the high wears off, and you feel completely at ease.

This cerebral energy will lift your spirits, fill you with happiness, and even a touch of inventiveness that will serve you well in any social gathering.

It offers a delightful blend of creamy sweetness and citrus notes reminiscent of tangy sour orange candy when exhaled. It’s aroma mirrors a recently tended citrus orchard, marked by zesty oranges and lively tangerines.

Blue Dream (Coming Soon)

Blue Dream sativa strain provides an initial rush of motivation and concentration. After this, you’ll experience a soothing body high that will make you feel warm and numb all over.

It has a delightful scent reminding freshly baked blueberry pie. At the same time, it’s flavor treats your taste buds to the lingering essence of sugary, ripe blueberries, which remains with you even after you’ve indulged.

Sour Tangie

Sour Tangie is an uplifting greenhouse grown sativa strain. Enjoy energizing effects that will improve your mood and clear your mind of any unwanted stress. This strain gives off a sweet, diesel aroma that instantly tantalize your senses.

Hybrid Strains


Gelato is a hybrid strain with sweet citrus flavors and uplifting effects. This strain is ideal for any time of day, as it’s euphoric and energizing properties will instantly put you in a good mood.

Pink Acai

Pink Acai is a well-balanced hybrid strain with a 50% indica and 50% sativa blend resulting from a mysterious combination of fruity hybrids.

Tailor-made for leisurely weekends, this strain offers a mouthwatering flavor coupled with a soothing and uplifting experience.

It’s name hints at the taste – a sweet, tropical citrus flavor with hints of sugary candy and sour citrus, mirrored in it’s aroma with a sour tropical accent, fruity candy notes, and a touch of earthiness.

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express is an uplifting hybrid strain that will immediately fill your head with a rushing lift that pushes away any negativity.

As your mind flies higher and higher, a tingly sensation will take over your body, relaxing your aching muscles and leaving you feeling completely relaxed and at ease with your surroundings.

It’s just amazing, with citrus, fruity, and earthy flavors.

Apple Fritter

LIIIL STIIIZY Apple Fritter is a hybrid strain created by crossing “Sour Apple” and “Animal Cookies” strains.

This flower offers an exceptionally delightful, fruity apple taste, accompanied by a gentle essence of vanilla cake upon exhalation, reminiscent of a delectable, freshly baked apple fritter.  The aroma is similar, accompanied by a subtle herbal undertone.

The onset of the Apple Fritter’s effects is nearly simultaneous with your first exhale. It engulfs your mind in an invigorating surge, swiftly dispelling any negativity or racing thoughts.


Enjoy the sweet and pungent aroma with the fruity fumes of the Dosidos Strain in the evening. This strictly nighttime bud provides a euphoric buzz that will uplift your mood and relax your body from head to toe in a matter of minutes.Before lighting up these flowers, inhale the fragrance. It offers a sweet aroma with fruity undertones

Lab tested
Rechargeable X
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Weight .5g
Cannabis Types Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid


How long do LIIIL STIIIZY last?

The majority of LIIIL STIIIZY last for around 50 big hits. That’s a realistic number of hits to get out of a STIIIZY pen for the average cannabis consumer in today’s market.


Just a single step enough: position it between your lips, inhale to let the vape into your lungs, than exhale and observe the vapor disperse into the atmosphere. It’s a remarkably uncomplicated process, and we guarantee you’ll grasp it effortlessly from your very first attempt.

How to charge LIIIL STIIIZY?

Charging the LIIIL STIIIZY vape pen is not possible as these pens are designed to be fully disposable. Once the battery in a STIIIZY disposable pen is depleted, it cannot be recharged; the entire pen, including the battery, is intended to be discarded.

What is a STIIIZY disposable?

STIIIZY LIIIL is a disposable weed pen that contains cannabis oil.

How many mg are in a STIIIZY disposable vape?

Every LIIIL STIIIZY disposable weed pen includes 0.5g of cannabis concentrate, with most strains containing approximately 85% THC.


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2 reviews for LIIIL STIIIZY Disposable Weed Pens

  1. Carly (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing! It’s portable and discrete, perfect size. It last long enough to make it worth it. Good strain variation, I tried watermelon z, it’s an intense burst of watermelon flavor and notes of sweet citrus and earth. Perfect indica to makes you reeealy relax after a long day 🙂

  2. Laura G. Lee (verified owner)

    Wonderful product to have on the go! Small, and still filled with .5g of a really tasty cannabis oil! I highly recommend the Gelato strain 🙂

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