Kushbee Diamond Crumble 1G

Kushbee Diamond Crumble is a cannabis concentrate that has a crystalline structure and tends to be high in THC-a. Available in different strains, it is a very appealing option for cannabis lovers.

1G | THC: 50%


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Kushbee Diamond Crumble is a cannabis concentrate that has a crystalline structure and tends to be high in THC-a. It consists of a blend of both extracted methods.

This concentrate form combines the best qualities in 1G, and adding it to your smoking experience can enhance it. While it has a sticky crumble texture, the diamonds in it give the smoke a unique appearance.

Kushbee Diamond Crumble is available in different strains, making it a very appealing option for cannabis lovers.

This crystalline waxy goodness is typically consumed in a dab rig, but you could certainly vape it or even crumble some into a joint. But to really get the most flavor and effects dabbing is the way to go.

Kushbee Diamond Crumble Strains

Mac 1

MAC 1 strain delivers an elevated experience, initiating with a heady euphoria that uplifts the mind, dispelling negativity and fostering creative motivation.

At the same time, a soothing body effect grounds you, providing a tethered connection to reality.

It’s sour diesel flavor, complemented by a spicy herbal and sweet citrus undertone, accompanies a fragrant aroma, leaving a lasting impression.


Dosidos is an appealing strain with a sweet, addictive, minty cookie flavor that’s irresistibly tantalizing.

It’s scent features a minty sweetness complemented by fresh lime and pine undertones. This bud’s experience is equally captivating, bringing a robust cerebral euphoria.

Sour Tangie 

Purple Punch 

King Louis

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Mac 1 (Hybrid), Dosidos (Hybrid), King Louis (Indica), Purple Punch (Hybrid), Sour Tangie (Sativa)



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