Jetty Extracts Pax Era Cartridge

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Reckless Rainbow: Carefully selected cannabis-derived terpenes lend this hybrid a bright, sweet, and tropical taste. Grown in California’s Emerald Triangle. 362.60mg THC, 6.7mg CBD.

Zkittlez: is a newer exotic coming from Northern California growers. From sticky flower to refined oil, we preserve the potency, purity and heady potential at every stage of production. Cannabis terpenes deliver berry, fruity, tart flavors. It contains 443.95 mg THC.

Super Lemon Haze: Hydrocarbon extracted cannabis concentrate with 94% Cannabinoids and 86.9%THC. Pure and potent sativa with consistently uplifting and long-lasting effects. 434.5mg THC.

Dispensary License No.: A12-18-0000038-TEMP

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