Bloom Farms Highlighter Refill Cartridge Sativa


Simple, discreet, and stylish, HIGHLIGHTER is a portable cannabis oil vapor pen. Extracted with clean CO2, our pure, all-natural cannabis oil contains a consistent 50-70% THC content. To maintain the plant’s natural flavors, all of our terpenes are derived from the same cannabis plants that the oil is made from. All Bloom Farms Highlighter Refill Cartridges contain 0.5g of top shelf cannabis oil.

Sativa – Daytime: An uplifting and stimulating sativa-dominant blend of all-natural cannabis oil. Perfect for mornings and afternoons, sativas provide an energetic and enhanced state of well-being.

The battery-powered heating element warms the oil, delivering a potent and consistent vapor. This surprisingly easy-to-use, health-conscious alternative to smoking will delight you with artful sophistication while leaving no lingering scent.

Not compatible with all standard batteries. 

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