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For an ethereal experience, choose Bloom Farms. Bloom Farms crafts cannabis vapor pens, prerolls, and extractions to perfection. At the core of Bloom Farms is the belief that marijuana is a holistic tool given by nature to enhance a lifestyle of wellness and fulfillment.

Our mission is to bring safe and enjoyable medicine to patients who use medical cannabis as part of a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle. Along the way, we’re out to remove the negative social stigmas of cannabis. Sustainably farmed and responsibly made, our products are beautifully designed around our mantra: relaxation, relief, creativity and fun. At Bloom Farms, we believe in living life to its fullest. We’re here to bring a healthy perspective to life with cannabis.

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21 & Over

You are legally required to be at least 21 (or 18 with a medical recommendation) in the state of California to buy or use cannabis. By using this website, you confirm that you meet California's minimum legal age requirement for cannabis use.
This service is only available in Southern California.

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