420 Deals Of The Day In Los Angeles

We’re one day closer to our favorite day of the year! 420 is a day dedicated to celebrating all the glorious joys of marijuana. Although your 420 plans might have been cancelled due this year due to unforeseen circumstances, you’re always invited to celebrate with Kushfly!

Countdown to 4/20 with a new deal everyday, a huge deal on 4/20! Including; Buy 4 Get 2 Free Product Deals, freebies, product bundles, discounts and more!

Check out our 420 deals all leading up to the big day!

Today, April 18 2020

4 Joints For $20!

Today we are celebrating by offering 4 Kushfly joints for only $20! That’s an $8 savings! Kushfly uses premium popcorn shake to roll our joints, and we always make sure to remove any seeds and stems. Each joint is carefully hand rolled by our trained budtenders. Save time and money by ordering 4 joints for $20!

Spend Over $150 & Get A FREE 8th Of Lemon Walker OG!

Lemon Walker OG is one of our most popular strains and now you can try it, FREE! Lemon Walker OG is an ideal strain for those seeking an uplifting, mood enhancing strain. This stimulating hybrid has a sweet citrus aroma mixed with an undertone of diesel notes. THC: 28.8%


Check back tomorrow for even MORE 420 deals revealed!


Now, you can get a 420 survival kit for only $25!

420 Survival Kit

Includes a pocket hand sanitizer, disposable mask, disposable gloves, and a preroll.  It’s important to stay clean and protected while celebrating 4/20.

 If you are in LA and would like to purchase the Best 420 Deals In Los Angeles, marijuana flowerCBDedibles, or concentrates for deliveryregister with Kushfly here. Check out our DEALS! And ask us how you can get FREE delivery!

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