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UltraViolence Strain Information

UltraViolence, in this case, is an exquisite example of a hard-hitting strain. Born of unknown origins, which makes this strain a little more enjoyable due to the mystery factor, and grown on the budding streets of the Californian coast, UltraViolence has some of the largest and most dense buds. Covered in orange hairs, when breaking apart the buds, you’ll meet with a satisfying snap with a pungent smell reaching your nose before you enjoy the resinous interior.

This mildly balanced hybrid sounds like it will make you the ravenous psycho that the Reagan administration (as well as many before and after) led you to believe you’d turn in to if you smoked pot. That is not the case. Rather, Ultra Violence was aptly named due to its fast hitting effects that seem to last hours. After the first couple of hits, the euphoric and heady effects will be quite prevalent, leading the way for your bodies stress to melt away and a relaxed feeling to take over. Ultra Violence is very potent and not recommended to first timers or inexperienced users, but hey, it’s your life. Even daily users are surprised with the punch to the neck potency. 

One thing that might catch you off guard if the mid-bodied scent and flavors. At first smell, you’ll notice mild fruit and subtle earthy flavor. Inhaling brings these smooth flavors to life, bringing a richness that is complemented by sweet fruit, citrus, and floral arrangements. Upon exhale, the earthiness is brought forward as you search for a chair, needed to sit down thanks to the hard-hitting effects.

UltraViolence Strain Delivery in Los Angeles

Medicinal Qualities: Believe it or not, Ultra Violence tends to alleviate the common side-effects of being the victim of actual violence, including,  pain, stress, and mental and physical issues.

Recommended Activities: Try Ultra Violence after a day of work when you want a carefree environment. Throw on some tunes, stream your favorite show, and enjoy the ride.

Music Recommendation:

Artist– Kanye West featuring Ty Dolla $ign, DeJ Loaf & Nicki Minaj

Song– Violent Crimes


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