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Whip out your overalls and throw your truck into four wheel drive, because Banjo is a rip-rorting of a good time! Originally, Banjo was a four to six-stringed instrument with a thinly-stretched membrane, over a frame, creating a resonator; now, Banjo is a crossbred strain whose lineage includes popular Northern California strains Boost and Tangelo.

 This precisely balanced sativa-dominant hybrid boasts two fantastic effects that each carry their own weight. You’ll know when Banjo kicks in, not because of the high twang of a plucked string, but rather thanks to the euphoric cerebral buzz that enhances your mood, boosts your outlook, and gives you the light atmosphere you’ve come to associate with sativas (some users have even experienced light visual effects!). Once the initial buzz has subsided, your body will thank you as it slowly melts into whatever you are sitting or lying in!

 Banjo has a unique scent that reminds us of grated cheese with tangerine zest, trust me when I say it’s a smell you have to experience to appreciate. Thankfully the taste isn’t as odd of a combination and is a delicious combination of sweet and earthy pine.

 Banjo wasn’t grown in a van by the river, but rather in painstakingly accurate weather conditions you can only find in a greenhouse. Gently plucked by hand, not unlike that of a banjo string, air dried, and trimmed by experts, Banjo is an excellent mix of quality, potency, and price!

Medicinal Qualities: Treatment of impotence (you read that right), pain relief, chronic stress relief and nausea fighting.

Recommended Activities: Put on your thinking cap, because you’ll get a spark of creativity and the will to socialize or zone out in whatever you’re doing, like plucking your banjo. It’s also perfect for group activities!

Music Recommendation:

Artist– Arthur “Guitar Boogie” Smith

Song– Dueling Banjos

Effects: Aroused, Creative, Euphoric, Relaxed, Sleepy

Medical: Insomnia, Nausea, Pain, Stress

2 reviews for Banjo

  1. Andrew N (verified owner)

    Heavy nug. Visible Crystals. Dense crumble. Ater a few days out of the jar it still maintains its aroma. Delicious. Super creamy smoke.

  2. Emily Goldberg (verified owner)

    Banjo acts exactly how’s it’s described—it’s a great sativa dominant hybrid. It doesn’t make you too anxious or antsy, but it definitely gives you some pep. Highly recommended for people who need a little creative or energetic push. Also, the price per gram is really reasonable. I’d get banjo again

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