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Warning: This flower may contain seeds that are naturally found in the cannabis plant. 


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Pie Face Information

Pie Face is a beautiful blend of the strains Cherry Pie and Face Off (a California native), creating dense green nugs with eye-popping orange trichomes. It’s effects are felt within minutes of consumption and linger for hours, even for the seasoned marijuana user.

This 60/40 indica dominant takes cues from both parents, sweeping you off your feet and straight on your funny bone. You’ll have a feeling of heightened senses, relaxation and creativity with the mental clarity to focus on tasks. If you thought Pie Face would mean you’d want to devour a whole pie, you’d be right. Most commonly described as euphoric, functional, and engaged. You will find your creativity piqued and your appetite driving you to try new things in the kitchen.

As far as flavor and smell are concerned, Pie Face is the epitome of a dessert strain. It has an addictive sweet cherry and earthy hash (almost like a darkened pie crust) smell with a taste to match. With such a sweet taste and smooth inhale, it’s evocative of smoking from a flavored wrap, but better. If you want to be a bit experimental, try wrapping it with your favorite flavored blunt wraps.

Pie Face Strain Delivery in Los Angeles

Medicinal Qualities: Aides in the treatment of depression, chronic stress, pain and nausea. This is a good strain to experiment with during the day, thanks to the energy and focus it brings.

Recommended Activities: Social events where you are comfortable being yourself (don’t go to a serious movie as you’ll be laughing too much!) or hangout with your friends on a cool summer sight. It’s perfect for reminiscing around the fire with snacks. If you prefer to pair it by taste, try it with an afternoon tea.

Warning: This flower may contain seeds that are naturally found in the cannabis plant. 

Music Recommendation:

Artist– Frank Sinatra

Song – High Hopes

Effects: Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy, Uplifted

Medical: Headaches, Depression, Insomnia, Pain, Stress


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