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Skittlez Strain Information

The Skittlz cannabis strain is a multicolor strain that is reminiscent of the beloved Skittles candies. This, coupled with the fruity taste and aroma that the strain carries, gives the strain its fun name. The strain is smooth when smoked or used with a vape device, making this a great choice for many who do not like the harshness of many other strains. This strain of cannabis is a sativa strain, and has a 60/40 ratio of satvia/indica.

The strain is known for the calming effect that it produces, making it a great choice for those who are looking for something that is sure to help them relax and feel a bit more mellow. This strain has a lot of great medical uses, which along with the pleasing aroma and taste, makes it ideal for a wide variety of patients.

Skittlez Strain Delivery in Los Angeles

Positive Effects: The Skittlz strain of cannabis is great for producing a strong euphoria sensation, and it is known for how well it can calm and relax the person consuming it.

Flavor: The Skittlz strain of cannabis has a fruity aroma and taste which is quite pungent, hence the name Skittlz. Along with the fruity flavor and scent, there is also a hint of the traditional skunky aroma and taste, with a tiny hint of diesel fuel.

Medical Uses: The Skittlz strain of cannabis is ideal for a lot of medical issues, including headaches, migraines, those who are suffering from severe anxiety, and those who are dealing with medical issues in which they are no longer interested in eating, as the strain tends to increase appetite. Nausea and inflammation are also medical conditions that can be treated with this particular strain, and it is also good for easing chronic pain that is known to occur from a wide variety or medical issues.


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1 review for Skittlez

  1. Sharon (verified owner)

    a very good Sativa for chilling time, not to harsh, nice smell and great aroma.
    it’ll give you a nice buzz without drowsiness so it is great for a dinner with friends, even a night out.
    we added it to our official “great for guests” list, the guests are happy too.

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