Rainbow Zkittlez

Rainbow Zkittlez is known for being a very tasty strain, with hints of sugar and fruit. When smoked, Rainbow Sherbe will provide a chilled out feeling, but also allow the smoker to remain focused and creative.

THC: 29.1%

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How does it make you feel?

Although this hybrid strain comes on relatively quickly, it’s head-focused effects tend to be subtle. Some slight pressure around the eyes and temples may occur at first. The cross on this strain gives you some very good effects: heavy/lowered eyes, relaxed body, cerebral high with a positive mind, and you get a nice light headband feel above your eyebrows.

As smokers become accustomed to this feeling, though, they’re able to appreciate the strain’s action on there sensory perception. Odd experiences like visual and auditory distortions are commonly reported, as is a strange feeling of time passing more slowly. Such trippy effects can be boosted by atmospheric enhancements, particularly moody music or a visually-engaging television show. 

Flavor & Aroma

When combusted in a pipe or joint, the flowers burn with a very pleasant and easily-inhaled smoke. On the exhale, this light smoke tastes fruity and grape-like. Notably, any detectable grape flavors are coincidental to the strain’s purple coloring; this is because the plant’s color is determined by pigmentation, while it’s flavor profile is determined by terpenes.

It’s aroma is where Rainbow Zkittlez strain really shines. When properly cured, this flower gives off a kind of sweet-sour funk. A second whiff reveals slightly more distinct notes of berry and lemon. Grinding up the flowers intensifies the strain’s more sour notes, resulting in a kind of skunky character.

How does it look? 

Like it’s namesake, this strain offers you the opportunity to taste the rainbow — but as it turns out, it lets you see a rainbow too. Depending on phenotype, the plant’s thick and chunky flowers appear in a variety of greens and purples, with vibrant orange hairs (or pistils) sprinkled throughout.

The eye-catching purple hues are the result of high concentrations of anthocyanin pigments. The trimmed buds have a characteristically indica structure, tight and densely-packed, with smallish leaves. Finally, a dusting of cloudy white trichomes ensures both stickiness and psychoactivity.

Suggested Activities

This strain is known to kick in quickly, starting with a bit of pressure around the eyes. You will than begin to feel extremely focused with the feeling of motivation, than leading to your body beginning to relax. This kind of cerebral energy can be a great way to work on detailed tasks, whether they’re complicated or more mundane, like cleaning the house. As the high wears on, a palpable body high creeps in to complement these mentally-activating effects.

While this newfound relaxation isn’t liable to knock smokers out flat, it could just undo any earlier motivation to get through a long to-do list. In these later stages, Rainbow Zkittlez strain is best enjoyed in laid-back circumstances. Because of it’s slow dip in energy levels, this bud is recommended for consumption between late afternoon and early evening.

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Medical Benefits

  • ADD / ADHD
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Pain
  • Appetite Loss

Alternative Strains 

  • LA Cake
  • Half Pint
  • Rainbow Crush
  • Cookie Jar
  • Pink #1
  • Modified Bananas


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