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Purple Master Strain Information

A potent combination of Granddaddy Purple and Master Kush, Purple Master is for experienced smokers only. This heavy duty Indica is distinguishable by its compact buds decorated in greens and oranges with a light dusting of crystals throughout. The scent is earthy and pungent with a flavor that’s almost sweet and leaves you a bit couch locked after smoking – so don’t make any strenuous plans if you’re going to pack a bowl. Best for patients dealing with high levels of stress or anxiety and can even help some with insomnia or migraines. So roll a joint, sit back, and relax into the sweet smoke of Purple Master.


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  1. Susan

    Indicas are best for me. I have ulcers that cause me suffer from overwhelming nausea. This strain has been good for that. It helps relax me as well.

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