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Strawberry Bubbalicious Strain Information

Like the bubblegum? Not quite. This sweet and scary strong strain stems from Strawberry Cough and Bubba Kush making it a Sativa dominant Hybrid – definitely not for kids. The medium to larger sized bright green buds are covered from head to toe in dark orange hairs and a healthy dusting of crystals – making it so beautiful to look at, you’ll want to it (but don’t eat it…smoke it!). As you break this beautiful bud out of its packaging you’ll be hit with a sweet scent of berries and pine – pack it into your bowl and take a hit – the flavor matches the smell in all the best ways. Best if used by patients dealing with high levels of fatigue or depression – this strain will keep you peppy and euphoric for hours to come.


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2 reviews for Strawberry Bubbalicious

  1. Jennifer G

    This strain smells like a strawberry fruit roll up to such an extreme degree, you half expect to see little strawberry seeds within the kushy nuggets. It delivers a sweet berry aftertaste and a euphoric high that lifts your mood with a gentle buzz that hits you quickly without knocking you out. My. new favorite!

  2. Shawn Lukaszewicz (verified owner)

    This is such an amazing flower. Loved by the founders of Kushfly themselves. Taste sweet and always a good treat for a chill weekend. I’ve ordered this specific flower numerous times ????

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