Chuck Norris

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THC: 34.6%Hybrid
THC: 29.7%Sativa

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Chuck Norris Strain Information

Chuck Norris (aka Chuck Norris Black & Blue Dream) named after ‘kick’ it is said to have, and you dont smoke this bud…this bud smokes you and should be avoided by newcomers. This strain hits hard and fast, creating a potent head rush followed by strong euphoria. A combination of Black & Blue Dream and Platinum OG. This sativa dominant hybrid is a sweet and strong strain that leaves every patient satisfied.  This bud has large dense yet fluffy nugs with amber hairs and dark blue undertones.
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Medical Marijuana




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2 reviews for Chuck Norris

  1. Scott Bell

    Just like Chuck Norris, this makes a strong impact that isn’t too memorable. It’s a good roundhouse kick to the head that leaves you stupefied for about 20-40 minutes. Not a bad add-on.

  2. Raquelle

    Just when we had all agreed that Blue Dream just couldn’t get any better, someone goes and makes it an indica! AND names it after Chuck Norris! Amazing. Blue Dream is my favorite strain of all time and I love all variations, but this one might take the cake. Chuck Norris BBD looks like the poster child for Blue Dream caught in a snowstorm of trichomes. The flavor on this did not disappoint, nor did the high. I got the head rush I love about Blue Dream, with a real mellow body high. You’re going to want to chill out to really enjoy this one, rather than be active. It’s great for anxiety and for winding down, but not quite trying to sleep just yet. The effects are pretty long lasting. I can totally see the kick in the face the description refers too. I am in love with Chuck Norris BBD and suggest everyone give it a go!

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