Blue Nebula

Blue Nebula is a perfect choice for any sativa lover. This uplifting strain delivers feelings of deep creativity, coupled with an overall uplifted, happy feeling.

THC: 24.3%

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Blue Nebula Strain Effects

Blue Nebula is a rare Sativa flower, created through crossing the infamous Blue Dream X Nebula strains. It keeps your creativity flowing while also acting as a destresser. It provides the physical relaxation that you would normally find in a hybrid, but keeps you lifted & does not affect your energy levels.

The Nebula helps you focus & gets rid of all of the background thoughts and noise in your head. All while the Blue Dream stimulates creativity & puts a smile on your face.

THC Level / Indica or Sativa / Cross

Sativa – 24.3% THC


The award-winning cannabis strain Nebula produces cured buds that mimic the swirling and chaotic appearance of actual cosmic nebulas as they have winding, honey-colored pistils jetting in every direction spread throughout their calyxes. These small, intriguing buds also smell like honey and have sweet floral undertones amidst an earthen scent.

Blue Nebula Strain Flavor & Aroma

Blue Nebula strain has a sweet and skunky odor that becomes pleasant to smell because of the floral note. A good way to describe its fragrance is that it’s sexy.

Even better than how it smells is the delightful flavor of sweet honey with a note of berry mixed in. No wonder it is easy to smoke a little too much because of its great taste.

Suggested Activities

Nebula is one of the best strains available for those looking to alleviate depression, stress or anxiety. The most common attribute of Nebula is that it is a happy and uplifting strain of marijuana, providing an immediate boost to those who need it. It is also commonly used by creative types to induce creativity.

Blue Nebula strain is common in many dispensaries and seems to tackle whatever ailments are bothering the patient the most, making it a much sought after medical and recreational strain. 

Medicinal Uses

  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Migraines
  • Lack of Appetite 
  • Parkinsons
  • Glaucoma


Grow Method

Suggested Activities


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1 review for Blue Nebula

  1. Joey Cook

    This is hands down one of my favorite strains of cannabis. I normally don’t smoke Sativa’s because they give me anxiety but this flower does the exact opposite. A joint of this puts me in the perfect headspace to get creative and make art without all of the background noise in my head. If you’re looking for a flower to relax you and give you the giggles, I highly highly recommend Blue Nebula.

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