Tangie strain is a mostly sativa dominant marijuana strain. Mostly has its sativa ancestor’s characteristics, Tangie has an orange and sweet aroma, citrus earthy smell and long orange trichomes are covered with frosty layer of crystals.

THC: 27.3%

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THC Level / Indica or Sativa

Tangie weed strain has an impressive 27.3% THC content which is considered high for a Sativa

A cross between “Skunk” & “California Orange”, Tangie is a remake of sorts of the popular version of Tangerine Dream that was sought-after in the 1990’s.

Tangie Strain Effects

Tangie strain is one of the most popular, aromatic, and great-tasting cannabis strains available. Those wondering about Tangie’s quality need only look at the number of awards it has won at the illustrious Cannabis Cups.

Besides being utterly delicious, Los Exotics Tangie strain provides an uplifting high and can boost energy levels.

The cerebral high can enhance creativity & provide a sensation of euphoria unlike any other flower. Its cerebral effects come on fast, resulting in a blissful high. The high tapers off gradually, leaving consumers of this strain uplifted and energized. 


For this strain you can expect soft yet compact buds. Orange pistil hairs completely cover the vibrant green hue, making it appear like a tangerine. Heavy trichome coverage makes the buds glisten in the light. 

Los Exotics Tangie Strain’s Flavor & Aroma

Flavor & Aroma is where Tangie strain shines especially bright. It  is best known for its characteristic terpene profile. Like the name suggests, California Orange in its genetics gives it an obvious citrus smell & taste. With that said, this strain has a citrus taste unlike any other that you can imagine if you haven’t tried it for yourself.

It is best described as a cheesy citrus taste with a hint of diesel.

Suggested Activities

Los Exotics Tangie strain is a great sativa suitable for both day and night, and handy in a number of situations. Whether it’s going to a yoga class or doing something creative, it lifts you without disrupting your regular sleep schedule. Tangie is a popular focus provider & perfect if you are looking for a fun evening full of giggles and laughter.

Medicinal Uses

  • -PTSD
  • -Digestive Issues )nausea, lack of appetite, indigestion, nausea
  • -Chronic Pain
  • -Stress
  • -Depression
  • Migraines


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