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Strawberry Banana Strain Information

Sonny/Cher, Lennon/McCartney, Tom/Jerry, how many famous duos can you name? One of the most famous of all food-related pairs is Strawberry Banana, and now it’s available in smokable form. This heavily resinous strain is a cross between the Banana Kush and Strawberry Bubble Gum strains. Looking nothing like strawberry bananas and more like little clumps of popcorn, Strawberry Banana has appetizingly neon green nugs and wild strains of stringy orange hairs that layered in sparkling trichomes and some of the sticky of the ickiest resin that, if you’re not careful, will leave your fingers and gear sticky.

Strawberry Banana is a 70:30 indica-dominant strain with a high THC average content in the 20-30 percent range. Although the indica far outweighs the sativa in this hybrid, it leaves an uncharacteristically balanced high for users. After consuming, effects first make themselves known with a fuzzy head that uplifts your mood and leaves you with a feeling of optimism, before slowly sinking into a body numbing high that will leave you locked to the couch –  make sure to bring snacks. You’ll enjoy a peaceful high with heightened senses and a piqued creativity level.

Strawberry Banana interacts with your senses in the way you would expect from the name. The particularly sweet phenotype has a delightful smell of sweet fruits, much like strawberry, and an earthy musk of cannabis. Inhale is much like it’s smell, reminiscent of sugary fruits, while the exhale is just as sweet, but mellowed out by a smooth banana flavor.

Medicinal Qualities

Strawberry Banana has a variety of medical uses, starting appetite loss (it will leave you with the munchies!), and helps relieve stress and depression, and chronic body pain.

Recommended Activities

When consumed in moderate amounts, Strawberry Banana is a good daytime weed, that lends its skills to a creative day off. On the other end, smoking a higher quantity will make you want to stay home, eat and do nothing, therefore, it is recommended for a night in for a feast and film night.

Music Recommendation:

Artist– King Keil

Song– Strawberry Banana

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