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Critical Jack Strain Information

Critical Jack, a hybrid between Critical Plus and Jack Herer, is a Sativa dominant hybrid that is definitely more uplifting than its name may want you to think. This strain is best for patients suffering from depression, fatigue, and even helps reduce high levels of stress. This strain has dense buds decorated with orange and purple leaves. The flavor of the smoke is a nice mix of pine and some slight citrus undertones. While this is a hybrid, the Indica side of this strain is very low – while it will help you relax. It’s definitely an active high so be ready to get some work done after you smoke.


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  1. VBalto (verified owner)

    Not bad at all. Despite the fact that it’s a sativa hybrid, you can still feel the indica side relaxing your body just enough for you to be able to kick back and watch something funny with the sativa side giving you the giggles. Very helpful for fatigue.

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