Vision Spinner Variable Voltage 650mAh Battery (Adjustable Voltage)

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Vision Spinner Variable Voltage 650mAh Battery (Adjustable Voltage)

Vision Spinner Variable Voltage 650mAh Battery

The new Spinner battery is the largest variable voltage eGo style battery made today. Spinner uses smart buck-boost converter technology, which allows you to adjust voltage output from 3.3v ~ 4.8v by spinning the knurled dial at the bottom. Regulated voltage output remains stable as battery is depleted.


The Spinner battery is safer than regular eGo batteries because it offers 3 kinds of Protection:
Short Circuit Protection: When short circuit happens, the battery will shut down and not function again until short circuit is removed.
Safety Cutoff/Atomizer Protection: If you press the button for 8 seconds, the battery will be locked until the next press.
Low Voltage Protection: When the battery voltage is lower than 3.3v, the battery will shut down.
Additional features and notes:

  • 5-click On/Off lock feature; Press the button 5 clicks within 2 seconds and activate the battery or turn it off.
  • A fully charged Spinner 650mAh variable voltage battery can provide 14-16 hours of use.
  • Using the battery at a higher voltage output will drain the battery faster than at a lower voltage. We suggest you to start with a low voltage and increase the voltage gradually until you find the right voltage for your atomizer/cartomizer.

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Medical Marijuana Vaporizer

How does it work?

To turn the battery on/off simply click the button quickly 5 times.

2 reviews for Vision Spinner Variable Voltage 650mAh Battery (Adjustable Voltage)

  1. GRC (verified owner)

    After about 7 batteries breaking, failing, or defaulting on me, I finally found one that RIPS! This is an amazing battery and I highly suggest it. Don’t bother with the crappy ones — this is top knotch.

  2. Andrew N (verified owner)

    in terms of raw hitting power, best vape pen I’ve purchased! Some carts need 3.5 – 3.8 to even hit, while some of the no-button vape pens only pull with 2.5. I had a few carts laying around that wouldn’t work with my no-button cheap pen but they finally worked with this handy tool. plus it sort of looks like a sonic screwdriver. BZZZZZT! Just make sure you turn it off before you put it in your pocket. now I can enjoy my creamy carts while out and about.

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