Slurricane is a heavy indica strain perfect for soothing stress and relaxing the body. This beautiful flower delivers powerful couch lock effects and is best to enjoy in the evening or before bed. Slurricane has a sweet creamy OG aroma with undertones of fresh fruit.

THC: 27.8%

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Slurricane Strain Effects

Slurricane is a potent cross of the delicious Do-Si-Dos X Purple Punch strains. If your an indica lover who appreciates a super flavorful toke and a potent punch of effects, look no further – Slurricane will totally have you dazed with it’s delicious combination. Coming with a 27.8% THC level, the Slurricane high settles in a few minutes after your first delicious exhale, creeping up on the back of your head with tingly effects before suddenly taking hold.

You’ll feel a soaring euphoria grow and grow, filling you with an expansive happiness that pushes out any negative thoughts. A potent body high comes next, lulling you into a completely couch-locked state that has you totally immovable for hours and hours on end.

Flavor & Smell

As soon as you pop open a container of Slurricane, you’ll understand why this strain gets so much love. At first whiff, it’s scent is heavy with tropical fruits like grapes, berries, and other sweet aromas, complemented by a decidedly citrus scent as well. The aroma takes a pungent turn, with a spicy earthy overtone that’s accented by herbs and berries.

Both flavors and aromas mirror each other pretty accurately, and users can expect a mixture of berries, spice, cream, and even a bit of tropical fruit to dance along there palate as they smoke. These flavors will linger on your palate long after the last exhale.

How does it look? 

This bud has fluffy grape-shaped oversized dark olive green nugs with rich purple undertones, thin amber hairs and a coating of purple-tinted tiny white crystal trichomes that take on a bit of a purple hue in just the right light. Overall, they are beautiful and mouthwatering.

Suggested Activities

Slurricane is the ideal strain for relaxing after a long day and will likely leave you locked to your sofa. We’ve all had those days that were just so long and grueling that we’d do anything possible to forget about them, and for most people, Slurricane is just the thing to take on that challenge. Initially, a surge of euphoria could enter into your mind and is often accompanied by a set of tingles that start in the back of the head and work there way down to your toes.

Just when you think you couldn’t get any happier, the real effects start to kick in. Most report that Slurricane brings on heavy feelings of sedation that often lead to sleep, so make sure to grab some snacks and get comfortable before you settle down on your couch because you likely won’t be getting up any time soon.

Medical Benefits

  • Migraines
  • Chronic Pain 
  • Cramps
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Inflammation

Alternative Strains 

  • Yoda OG
  • Dark Star
  • Superman OG
  • Platinum Purple Kush
  • Purple Punch
  • Do-Si-Dos


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Suggested Activities

3 reviews for Slurricane

  1. Stevie

    This strain knocked me out as fast as Kushfly delivery speed to my door! Well worth trying !

  2. Shenae Whitley

    I gotta say I’m not certain if this strain was just awesome, or was it because of the quick delivery service from Kushfly. Either way, I give this strain and their delivery service two thumbs up!

  3. Carolina

    My favorite Indica thus far! This flower is frosty and dank. Relaxing high and great for sleep. I will definitely be getting this again.

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