RAW Wooden Double Barrel Cigarette Holder

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RAW Wooden Double Barrel Cigarette Holder

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, I want to smoke twice as much as I normally do, but I just don’t have the time”? Well, now you can with RAWs Double Barrel wooden cigarette holder! Oft hailed as the next step in smoking evolution(the only thing we need next is a third lung), this unique cigarette holder keeps the environment in mind, by being produced with responsibly grown and harvested natural wood that only reduces your carbon footprint, but is vegan as well!

 The small carbon footprint isn’t the best thing about this – that would have to be the high-quality manufacture in comparison to some of the cheaper brands. The RAW Double Barrel won’t melt or leave the lingering chemical aftertaste like that of some of the cheap, plastic knockoff cigarette holders.

 Although the RAW Double Barrel is marketed as a natural wood, dual cigarette holder, we noticed it holds two joints pretty nicely as well. Now, we aren’t saying this product is made for getting high, but we’ve noticed if you put a joint in both instead of cigarettes, you’ll get super high – I’m talking twice the high compared to smoking only one.

 We recommend rolling two strains with different, but complementary flavor profiles such as Sunset Sherbertand Watermelon Punch. It’s be a party in your lungs and everybody smells great. Get the whole gang together and mix it up with a Cyclone Flavored cone or your favorite flavored rolling paper for a truly unique experience.


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