Sunset Sherbert

Watch the summer sunset while enjoying a bowl sherbert after enjoying a bowl of Kushfly’s privately grown Sunset Sherbert strain


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Sunset Sherbert Strain Information

Watch the summer sunset while enjoying a bowl sherbert after enjoying a bowl of Kushfly’s privately grown Sunset Sherbert Strain! Your eyes will deceive you into thinking you are watching a california sunset thanks to the forest shaped green nugs, with wildly flowing orange hairs, clouded with white and airy trichomes.

 With a lineage including Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and the evocative Pink Panties, it’s no wonder why Sunset Sherbert is as potent, attracting novice and avid users alike. This balanced hybrid, with a slight indica advantage, will launch you into an upbeat high, lifting your troubles and stimulating the senses (it’s better than chewing 5 Gum). As you descend, you will be greeted with childlike laughter thanks to the perpetually happy vibes that parachute into your cerebellum. You will still feel like you are floating thanks to the full body relaxation that comforts you. Your carefree and

 As the name suggests, this strain is best described as a dessert and pairs nicely with a glass of wine after a meal. You’ll be drawn in by the candy-like smell. The inhale is calm and soothing, with tastes suggestive of sweet honey and an earthy graham cracker-esque exhale that will leave you wanting more.

 Kushfly has personally grown this strain indoor in a climate-controlled environment, away from outside contaminants. To assure customer satisfaction, some of our staff has added it to their personal stash and described the experience as “enigmatic.” You’ll have to try it to get the full experience.

 Medicinal Qualities: Sunset Sherbert is best used to alleviate chronic stress, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, and insomnia.

Recommended Activities: This mellow strain is great for an evening of relaxation and calm company. Good conversation and a warm cup of tea pair perfectly with the warm body buzz of the indica-dominant hybrid. Sunset Sherbert isn’t recommended for heavy daytime use, especially if you want to be productive.

Music Recommendation:

Artist– Pink Floyd

Song– Two Suns In The Sunset

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3 reviews for Sunset Sherbert

  1. Kelli

    Wonderful Hybrid. I was able to be productive and still feel relaxed. I recommend smoking from a bong. The taste is awesome!

  2. Elliot (verified owner)

    Sunset Sherb is a favorite underrated strain. Compact circular nugs pack a potent punch with an earthy taste to them. This is a good strain for the “all day indica” smokers that still need to get sh*t done! Alternative name suggestion: ANYTIME OG 😉

  3. Brian Hennelly (verified owner)

    Great strain for a great price. The bouquet of this is amazing. You’ll need to double bag it if you don’t want it wafting out! A real decent high for this. Good looking nugs, nice and orange.

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