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THC: 29.7%Hybrid

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Purple Space Cookies Strain Information

Purple Space Cookies strain is a potent cross between Durban Poison and Girl Scout Cookies. Purple Space Cookies shows nice and very strong undertones of pine and earth that make it especially pure. This strains’ THC level exceeds 20%, it is around 22-25%. Purple Space Cookies buds are medium size and densely covered by a thick layer of crystal trichomes that seep through its surface. This beautiful hybrid with dense purple buds has grape flavors, this strain offers a calm vibe and an upbeat, euphoric high.

Purple Space Cookies won three years in a row The Karma Cup as Best Organic Flower. This exclusive organic flower is described by many as the perfect high.

Purple Space Cookies Strain Delivery in Los Angeles

Positive Effects: Those who need a little help winding down after a long day might enjoy the intoxicating grape vapor this bud provides. There will be a noticeable relaxing body high that can be amplified senses slowly fading into a feeling of tranquillity and well-being.

Flavor: Purple Space Cookies offers a perfect blend of sweet, earthy fruit and grape flavors that will make you love Purple Space Cookies and keep you coming back for this strain. 

Medical Uses:  Purple Space Cookies is a perfect strain to smoke for individuals who are suffering from appetite loss, mood disorders, pain, stress, anxiety, and depression.


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2 reviews for Purple Space Cookies

  1. Ruben

    Felt a little heavier than most hybrids. Very nice smell and smooth smoke in a joint or a bowl!

  2. Ryan

    Big fan of this hybrid – when opening the jar the dank smell hits you immediately and the nugs have a very calming effect. Knocked me right out!

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