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Cheese Strain Information

The Cheese cannabis strain is a hybrid strain of cannabis that is named and well known due to the sharp, almost sour odor.  The strain is an indica dominant strain that comes from the United Kingdom, although its popularity has increased throughout other areas, as well, thanks to the unique flavor that it has.

The Cheese strain is thought to come from a Skunk #1 phenotype, which is why it has such as strong taste and smell.  The strain is perfect for those who suffer from a variety of medical conditions, and is also ideal for those who are interested in getting creative, as it has the ability to uplift mood and help you get into a great mindset in terms of creativity and relaxation.

Positive Effects: The Cheese strain is a great choice for those who are looking to get a relaxed, mellowed feeling from consuming it.  It has the ability to bring out your inner creative, and can truly help you feel uplifted in terms of mood.  This relaxing strain will bring on a slow euphoric feeling.

Flavor: The aroma of the Cheese strain, which is sharp and sour, is quite strong and well known, hence the name of the strain!  The flavor is similar, with sharp cheese notes and an earthy taste that is unlike many other strains available.

Medical Uses: The Cheese strain features qualities that make it ideal for working with patients who are suffering from issues such as anxiety and depression, thanks to its ability to really bring on an uplifted mood and gentle euphoria, helping to ease stress and feel lighter.  This strain is also known to ease pain from chronic conditions as well as increase appetite, helping those who may not be able to eat due to nausea have an easier time getting food into their systems.


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