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Mint Chocolate Chip strain shows a blend of mental and physical effects, leaving you mentally uplifted.Mint Chocolate Chip Delivery in Los Angeles



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Mint Chocolate Chip Strain Information

Calling all lovers of mint and chip – and weed! If Willy Wonka and Snoop collaborated on a strain, this would be it. A heavenly cross of two of the most delicious strains, the sinful SinMint Cookies and envious Green Ribbon BX. Featuring dense, resinous olive-colored nugs with furry orange hairs and frosted white trichomes, Mint Chocolate Chip was handed the best traits from both parent strains.

One of the better-balanced hybrids (50/50 Sativa/Indica), Mint Chocolate Chip strain shows a blend of mental and physical effects, leaving you mentally uplifted and physically grounded that some describe as a functional relaxation. After the first few tokes, you will feel the mental clarity and focus sativas are known for. As your mind expels bad vibes, soon you’ll start feeling your troubles lift as a tingling body relaxation sets. Be warned, though Mint Chocolate Chip is a balanced hybrid, continued use past the initial threshold brings you from focused, functional and into the land of relaxation.

Mint Chocolate Chip Delivery in Los Angeles

As you’d expect from the name alone, Mint Chocolate Chip has a sweet, yet bitter scent and flavor profile that refreshes the senses and is sure to make those with a sweet tooth drool. As you inhale the smooth, menthol-esque smoke, you’ll notice a decadent chocolate and nutty flavor with mint undertones. Hold it in for a few seconds – 1, 2, 3, and enjoy the sweet and herbal spices of mocha.

Medicinal Qualities: Mint Chocolate Chip is a versatile strain that helps alleviate medical issues, such as depression, stress, pain, and, with more than moderate consumption, tackles insomnia.

Recommended Activities: With lite to moderate use, we recommend activities where you’ll want focus and relaxation, such as a creative activity or hobby. Group activities are encouraged as it will stimulate the socialite you didn’t know you were.

Music Recommendation:

Artist – Ray Charles

Song – One Mint Julep


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  1. Elliot

    Tasty, smooth, and a great day-time smoke! Tastes minty, earthy, and gassy. Smooth, heady, active, but not overly ‘speedy’ – Mint Chocolate Chip is still fitting for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Would definitely smoke again!

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