Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket is a stunning combination of the strains, Golden Goat and Face Off OG, leaving Golden Ticket with exceptional qualities from each.

23.8% THC


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Golden Ticket Strain Information

This shining star of a strain is as rare as they come. Imagine there are five golden tickets hidden in chocolate bars scattered in candy shops around the globe, that’s how rare it is. Golden Ticket is a stunning combination of the strains, Golden Goat and Face Off OG, leaving Golden Ticket with exceptional qualities from each. As beautiful as they come, Golden Ticket has is a dense forest of leafy green nugs, covered in sprouting golden hairs and layered in crystal trichomes.

 Another rare characteristic of this strain is that it contains the golden ratio of a 50/50 hybrid, meaning it has the total body relaxation of an indica and the cerebral high sativas have become famous for. More specifically, your mood will be uplifted, excited and as happy as Charlie when he won his golden ticket to the factory. Social anxiety is not a problem with the Golden Ticket as you’ll be gitty enough to explore some eccentric dudes business with strangers, all the while you’ll feel relaxed but not couch-locked.

 Have you ever eaten gold? What about a paper ticket? Well, you’ll never have to because Golden Ticket is neither of those. It isn’t chocolatey as you’d expect from a strain with a name synonymous with chocolate, either. Instead, you’ll enjoy the tangy and tart lemon taste mixed with sweet and sour lime that leads into a sweet and skunky aftertaste. But what of the smell!? It’s similar to it’s taste and will be a pungent sweet, tangy, and sour.

 Medicinal Qualities: The delightful strain is the golden ticket if you are searching for relief in from pain, depression, fatigue, and nausea. It not only fights these symptoms, it leaves them behind like that of spoiled children on a tour of a chocolate factory.

Recommended Activities: Golden Ticket is a strain that is good for all activities, thanks to the split hybrid. Social settings are as fun as working on solo projects at home. If you want to enjoy the more indica side of the strain, smoke a little more and enjoy the body melting relaxation while you stream your favorite show or movie.

Music Recommendation:

Artist– Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Cast

Song– I’ve Got a Golden Ticket

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