Milf’n Cookies Super Duper Brownie 1000mg THC

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Milf’n Cookies Super Duper Brownie 1000mg THC Delivery in Los Angeles

A California based edibles company that began baking delicious, medicated marijuana edible treats in Huntington Beach in 2010. Created with a passion to provide a high potency, high quality, premium product, Milf’n Cookies source only the purest and locally grown organic ingredients. A medical cannabis patient herself, the founding Milf embarked on a journey, using old fashioned baking methods, to ensure the consistency of every dose. Her desire was to provide patients with a safe, pure, and better tasting choice of edible. At Milf n’ Cookies Edibles, they have separated themselves from competitors with extraordinary flavor and effectiveness. “Our mission is for every patient to experience the love Milf n’ Cookies Edibles has baked into each delectable bite.”

Among an almost endless selection of deliciously baked marijuana edible treats comes the Milf’n Cookies Super Duper 1000mg Brownie. Yes, you read that right. This fudgey brownie will astonish even the most die-hard chocolate lover. Spoil yourself with this sinful blend of silky, rich chocolate. These brownies are deliciously dense, with a moist, intensely chocolatey interior. Somewhere between a chocolate truffle and a piece of fudge, this confection will lead you into temptation and satisfy your chocolate fix – and with 1000mg of THC in each brownie, you’ll be beyond baked in no time.

1 review for Milf’n Cookies Super Duper Brownie 1000mg THC

  1. Nancy B

    This brownie is the closest i have found to filling the shoes for the other brands of 1000mg brownies that are harder to find in 2018. It packs the punch the label promises, and the taste is not too weedy like strong edibles so often are. The price is great on these too! Five star product right here.

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