Milf’n Cookies 400mg THC

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A California based edibles company that began baking delicious, medicated marijuana edible treats in Huntington Beach in 2010. Created with a passion to provide a high potency, high quality, premium product, Milf’n Cookies source only the purest and locally grown organic ingredients. A medical cannabis patient herself, the founding Milf embarked on a journey, using old fashioned baking methods, to ensure the consistency of every dose. Her desire was to provide patients with a safe, pure, and better tasting choice of edible. At Milf n’ Cookies Edibles, they have separated themselves from competitors with extraordinary flavor and effectiveness. “Our mission is for every patient to experience the love Milf n’ Cookies Edibles has baked into each delectable bite.”

Milf’n Cookies 400mg THC Delivery in Los Angeles

Among an almost endless selection of deliciously baked marijuana edible treats comes the Milf’n Cookies Slutty Brownie. It’s not just the name that’s memorable, the Slutty Brownie is a sweet and sexy confectionery masterpiece. Layered on a bed of chewy chocolate chip cookie crust, you’ll find everyone’s favorite Oreos hidden underneath a cloak of decadent fudge brownie. Prepare to indulge in the love child that is awesome meets absolutely delicious – and at 400mg in each one, you’ll be sure to get beyond baked in the process.

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  1. Amorelle (verified owner)

    The bar is quite lovely with the mosaic of cookies, and has a beautifully tender, caramelized texture. The taste belies its potency yet is still enjoyable, sweet and complex with nice bites of whole chocolate chips. It is definitely super consistent in potency with the label, I have a pretty high tolerance and a couple bites gave me full body pain relief and relaxation. I love the hybrid strain mix, feels like a perfect split giving a buoyant, bright cerebral wash, not cloudy, with a velvety, not super heavy body feel perfect for staying productive while medicating. Very creative mental uplift, almost energizing for quite awhile fading gradually into a deeper sedation, I would keep this is mind when using it for nighttime if you are trying to pass right out, it may be effective if you are exhausted but if your mind is alert this will likely spark up some inspiration. The quality and dosage for the price is awesome, lasts for days, would definitely buy again.

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