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Mango Trainwreck Strain by Canndescent – Connect 104 

Mango Trainwreck might be just the fresh burst of energy you need to get going. Most likely a cross of Mango and Trainwreck. This sativa serves up an instant mental boost, much like a morning cup of coffee. While it can have mild pain relief effects. This Dream is more for those who are looking for a cerebral rush. Flowers will be frosty with trichomes and have rich mango-hued hairs.

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4 reviews for Mango Trainwreck

  1. stewie.griffin

    This has been the greatest flower I have ever tried and I have tried many… Even with a high tolerance ,did not require very much to get one of the most euphoric feelings ever. Trainwreck does not disappoint with a fast and hard hitting high. The mango flavor brings a sweet and smooth flavor to a beautiful strain. Not for beginners.

  2. Katyana

    Great taste.
    Strong to me.
    Give appetite (maybe too much appetite lol).
    Really keep me going all day, I really feel like doing my homework, cook, clean,… I feel all awake.

    It is my 1st time trying Mango I am re ordering right now. I will update my review if needed but I really Love it for day time. my new fav with mad man og (mad man og (i use for my insomnia. gd sleep)

    Cons: I dont know if its me, but if I smoke a little too much of it, I feel dizzy and nauseous.

  3. Alicia Centeno (verified owner)

    The first review nailed it on the head. This is definitely a strong one, but well worth it. Excellent taste that makes you wanting more, just the right hint of sweetness. Euphoric, energizing effects. Great boost to your day, that’s for sure.

  4. Kara Cathleen Kiehle (verified owner)

    Yes, creative focused and deep meditative high good painkiller

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