Magma Cookies

Magma Cookies is an ideal strain to combat stress and pain relief. This Indica strain offers an uplifting, calming high and great for pain management. Users can expect a smooth smell and distinct fruit-like aroma when smoking Magma Cookies

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What Strain is Magma Cookies?

Magma Cookies strain is another new generation member of Cookie varieties. It’s the perfect crossbreed of Lava Cake and Curvee Cookies. This flavorful and soothing flower is a great option to end your day.

Is Magma Cookies an Indica or Sativa?

Magma Cookies is loved by indica lovers. It is a 70% indica dominant hybrid strain that has effects beyond relaxation.

Magma Cookies Strain Growing Info

This flower performs better Indoor. Plants are usually bushy and have a medium size. It can grow a bit wild, so using a trellis netting during the growing phase would make your job easier. Fully grown buds should have a dark olive green base coated with crystal white trichomes and some purple spots.

Magma Cookies THC Level

Magma Cookies are closer at the rather strong end of the spectrum with a THC level of 25.2%

Magma Cookies Effects

One of the parents of this strain Lava Cake is known for it’s remarkable relaxing effects. Magma Cookies carries this legacy pretty well. One hit from this flower after a long and busy day will be enough to calm you down and relieve your stress. The euphoric effect of this strain builds up and lasts for hours. If you want to have a good night’s sleep, Magma Cookies is the right pick. It’s relaxing effects are soo good, making it one of the most popular strains to combat migraines, headaches, chronic pain, appetite loss, nausea, and chronic stress.

Magma Cookies Strain Flavors

Smoking Magma Cookies is like eating a freshly baked fruit cake. It has a really sweet aroma with notes of cherry, berries, and lemon. The aftertaste can bring nutty flavors to enhance the experience. This flower will be a member of your taste bud’s favorites.

Magma Cookies Smell

If you walk into a bakery early in the morning, you can guess the smell of this flower. When you crumble Magma Cookies, the room is filled with a sweet smell of fruity pastries.

LA Weeds

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