Magic Pipe Premium Cartridge Combo (Sativa – Hybrid – Indica)

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Magic Pipe: 3 in 1 Combo Pack 

Sativa – Hybrid – Indica Sample Combo

1g Sour Diesel – Sativa ($49.90)

1g Pineapple Express – Hybrid ($49.90)

1g Skywalker – Indica ($49.90)

Magic Pipe Sample Combo offers 3 legendary cannabis strain cartridges and a vape battery of your choice.

Magic Pipe Premium Quality Cartridges contain pure cannabis oil extracted from sustainably-grown California flowers. Magic Pipe’s proprietary distillation process ensures the retention of maximum flavor and potency in the final product. It provides a reliable, consistent vaping experience, every time. This product is a cartridge only, it does not include a battery.


1 review for Magic Pipe Premium Cartridge Combo (Sativa – Hybrid – Indica)

  1. Jenniferjancosek

    This is a really great deal for the price. These cartridges are well designed and do not leak. I highly recommend for the patient who needs a heavier dose. Skywalker is always my favorite strain when it comes to cartridges. It is a very relaxing high that you feel instantly.

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