Los Exotics A-10 strain is an indica strain. It’s aroma is a mixture of berries flavor and vanilla. The effects of A-10 strain are said to be hungry, creative, and sleepy, making it a good choice for treating stress, anxiety, and pain.

THC: 30.30%

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Los Exotics A-10 Strain Effects

This heavy-handed strain is packed with high levels of THC (30.30%) and CBD, making it a hot spot for hectic minds seeking to slow down from there fast-paced routine. Expect any form of stress to pulverize under the weight of it’s stoning buzz, effectively putting anyone in a contentedly lazy mood.

All of your woes and concerns will melt away, which is particularly useful for medical marijuana patients combatting the effects of stress and anxiety. To be more specific, the physical high of A-10 is characterized by a heavy body stone that brings about a sense of deep relaxation.

Flavor & Aroma

Fans of old-school strains will certainly enjoy this bud’s classically kush flavors and aromas. It captures the essence one may find in a forest bed: a deep, woody and hash-like base with large notes of skunkiness meant to give it a pungent kick. A-10 offers a thick and clinging aroma that fills the room. Something to keep in mind if discretion is a concern.

The flavor of A-10 is varied, mixing in a sweet lemon element, as well as a little sour pungency. As is expected of an Indica strain, this flower produces some thick smoke that can make even experienced cannabis consumers cough. It’s flavors are grounding, leaving users with a moss-laden smoke that coats the tongue with herbal notes.

How does A-10 Strain look? 

A-10 boasts dense, spring-green buds scattered generously with long, shaggy-orange pistils that appear to be fuzzy from the coating of trichomes. The flowers are marked by there large, solid appearance.

The chunky and spherical buds have a typical indica structure, with resinous and tightly-packed nuggets. The curly, coiled leaves are a vibrant shade of spring green and are set off by a high volume of hairy orange pistils.

Suggested Activities

Perfect for capping off a long day’s work, A-10 serves to soothe users to a utopian, drowsy state. Packed with eminently relaxing qualities, it promotes a mellow buzz that comes with a body-luling high.

As it pacifies the mind, users may find it easier to have free-associative thinking. However, users won’t be able to put there creativity to use as the only movement possible is either there arms reaching out for an extra pillow, or some midnight snacks to fill the stomach before going off there journey to sleep. Despite it’s physical focus though, the onset shows subtle signs of cerebral invigoration.

Stoned and comfortable, there’s no better way to enjoy the new episodes out on Netflix. Beginners should take it easy as this strain can strike a mighty blow and render anyone couch-locked for hours.

Medical Benefits

Chronic Pain
Headaches & Migraines
PMS / Cramps / Muscle Spasms

Alternative Strains 

Grape Candy
Crown Royal
Jungle Diesel
Red Haze
Banana Sherbert


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