London Pound Cake

LA Weeds London Pound Cake is an indica strain with flavors of tangy zesty lime and spicy grapes are unleashed when you tear apart each sparkling tiny nug. On the exhale, the flavor is richer, with a fresh blueberry berry.

THC: 30.2%

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London Pound Cake Strain Effects

The high from London Pound Cake is as good as the taste, with tranquil and centering effects that are both relaxing and lifting. At the start of the high, you’ll experience a mild lift that fills you with a peaceful sensation of centered focus, slowly easing away unpleasant or racing thoughts.

A calming body high will creep up on you as your mind calms, lulling you into a slightly couch-locked condition that isn’t too sedating or sleepy. London Pound Cake is reported to be ideal for experienced patients suffering from mood swings, chronic stress, depression, ADD or ADHD, and chronic exhaustion due to it’s effects and high THC content.

This flower is on the potent side of the THC spectrum with a 30.2% THC content. With a 70:30 indica : sativa ratio, London Poundcake favors Indica and produces a potent THC punch that few strains can match.

Flavor & Aroma

London Pound Cake is named for it’s extremely amazing flavor, which combines sweet berries and grapes with nutty lemon and citrus. The strain’s smell is quite strong, enough to stink up the room.

That being said, it doesn’t have a foul odor, but rather a nice one. The scent is well-balanced, with no single note overpowering the others. Although it has a sweet fragrance, it also contains hints of wood and earth, as well as berry-like notes to balance things out.

Is London Pound Cake Strain an Indica or Sativa?

With a 70:30 indica:sativa ratio, London Pound cake favors Indica and produces a potent THC punch that few strains can match.

How does it look?

This bud showcases compact, spade-shaped nugs that boast an olive green hue. Delicate orange hairs weave through the surface, complementing the overall appearance. To add a touch of enchantment, the buds are adorned with a generous layer of small, frosty amber crystal trichomes.

Suggested Activities

You can indulge in various activities such as immersing yourself in a comforting bath infused with aromatic oils, engaging in gentle stretches, or dedicating time to meditation. These practices enable you to fully experience it’s calming effects and alleviate stress.

Alternative Strains

  • White Zlurpee
  • Black Caviar
  • Cereal Killer
  • Dream Runtz

Growing Info

With dark green buds shaped like olives and a sprinkling of small amber trichomes, the flowers develop thickly. It has a longer-than-average growing period of 10-12 weeks, resulting in tall branches. This is why London Pound Cake is for experienced growers.

You know everyone has a special place. LA Weeds is founded to make everyone who inhales it’s flowers feel like they are at home and safe. LA Weeds takes pride in providing the best possible care for all of there indoor-grown flowers. When you order any LA Weeds product, you can rest assured that you’ll get a top-notch flower every time. LA Weeds is a family-owned and operated company that you can trust from seed to sale. The brand is unrivaled when it comes to the variety of strains as well, so you can choose from all kinds of flowers that are consistently high in quality.

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