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The LA Confidential strain of cannabis is a widely popular strain, due to the fact that it is well rounded and has fast acting effects once consumed.

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LA Confidential Strain Information

The LA Confidential strain of cannabis is a widely popular strain, due to the fact that it is well rounded and has fast acting effects once consumed. This strain of cannabis has bright, lime green leaves with a hint of purple flowers, making it easy to recognize. This strain can help consumers sleep easily and can help with slight, acute pain, as well as allow you to enjoy a nice, euphoric effect and stay relaxed, as it is a strain that is well known for its ability to help calm and relax patients.

Positive Effects: Some of the positive effects noted for the LA Confidential cannabis strain include a very relaxing sensation after consuming. Patients have reported feeling sleepy while using this strain, as well as quite happy and uplifted in terms of mood. The strain also offers a euphoric effect, allowing those who consume it to feel relaxed and happy.

Flavor: The flavor of LA Confidential cannabis strain is a bit piney and has a bit of a traditional skunky odor that breaks down quickly.

Medical Uses: Because it is known for its amazing stress relieving properties, the LA Confidential cannabis strain can be used to treat anxiety and stress. The strain helps patients get into a relaxed mindset and stay there, and because it can help patients fall asleep and stay asleep, it is also known for its ability to help treat insomnia. This strain is also used for treating depression, lack of appetite, and acute pain.

LA Weeds

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