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Kushfly PreRolled Joints

Kushfly Pre-Rolled Joint is rolled by Kushfly budtenders in preroll cones. Our joints are rolled with indoor shake. Might contain small amounts of sugar leaves which won’t affect the taste or quality of the medication. They come in airtight joint tubes. (Single Joint orders only) Current joints have been rolled with our Madman OG flowers.

35 reviews for Kushfly PreRolled Joints

  1. Christian Anthony Perkins

    Awesome buds, good quailty, will come back again for sure.

  2. Anna Diamond

    I bought three of these. Perfect roll. Not overly packed and burned good. Good quality bud. Delivery was spot on. Will get some of these each time I order from now on.

  3. Kyle Yeager

    these are some saucy joints. 10/10

  4. Nancy Ciulla Fastenau

    I love this pre roll because I have bad fingers but couldn’t afford these in most places. Slow burning, great tasting, enjoyable feeling.

  5. EA

    So I’m usually not a fan of the pre rolled’s, but I will make an exception for kushfly. Their pre rolled joints does the job. I was very surprised. Like literally.

  6. Victoria Mucha

    Kushfly’s prerolled joints are great. They are high quality weed and are packed just right – not too tight or loose. Reliable and consistent – XLs are worth the $3!

  7. Charleene Mann

    Perfect mellow and easy

  8. Alex Trimbo

    This XL pre-rolled joint is absolutely worth it! Not only is it good quality, but its extremely well grinded. It is just one joint but it can easily be made into 3 small joints! Makes your money worth it.

  9. Lee Pham

    Some dispensaries use low shelf weed in their pre-rolls, but Kushfly’s always taste great & fresh! Would recommend their pre-rolls over most other places.

  10. km

    I usually burn through these pre-rolled joints pretty quickly. But, this one from Kushfly was quite substantial. Felt the effects after a few puffs and put it out when I became sleepy. Woke-up to find most of the joint still there. Smoked the remainder for a nice head high and continued relaxation through the evening.

  11. CS

    Their pre rolls (XL) are the best in the city, and saving the tubes for a little discount on the next order makes them that much better!

  12. Joslyn Thomas

    I love these pre-rolled joints. They are so much better than I could ever pull off, and I adore the little tubes they come in. It seems silly to buy a joint for this price but I think it’s worth the money. Especially because of how conveniently they are packaged.

  13. Stephanie Jackson

    I been ordering these with my orders and I’ve been satisfied with both type. They are rolled right and tight with good quality bud. I will continue to buy them.

  14. Paige K.

    Don’t let the fact it’s a house J fool you! High quality from Kushfly always!

  15. Benjamin A.

    I absolutely love this product and am a repeat buyer. Perfect for road trips or if your outdoors and just want to take in a view. You get a lot more bang for your buck too, as I medicate daily but usually clip the joint several times before it is finished.

  16. Dreaming Li

    I love this joint. Its the perfect roll. Last time got me and my boyfriend a different type of feel, definitely will purchase again!

  17. Casssandra Steele

    I love these joints, always great flower inside and well rolled. Big enough to smoke just a little bit and have more for later . Travels well

  18. Robert Fee

    These things are great. The new ones are even better than the originals. Highly recommended especially for a little addition to your order.

  19. Miranda Knox

    Ordered a three pack, and found customer service extremely helpful and prompt when dealing with issues with the website ordering. Order was literally delivered in less than 15 minutes from the time it was placed. Joints are well-packed and the flowers are excellent quality!

  20. Michael Hunt

    I always order the value pack. You get 3 XL joints and they are on point. Perfect roll .. bud is great! Highly recommend.

  21. Anna (verified owner)

    will definitley buy again! great roll and good bud. lasts loooong, smokes well.

  22. Emilmarianbadea87

    Awesome service , quick delivery … I am impressed with how nice people are sometimes

  23. Lee Davis (verified owner)

    Love the size and the price!

  24. Alicia Centeno

    Like others said, these are good quality, packed well, and get the job done. The packaging makes it convenient to take on the go, too.

  25. Daniel Murphy (verified owner)

    These pre rolled joints are terrific. Smooth burn. Just the right size. Hassle free toke. Will definitely buy again!!

  26. POOKx (verified owner)

    I’ve actually never been a fan off medicating with joints in the past I’ve negative experiences purchasing pre rolls. Buds were never potent but after trying your pre rolls I actually have a different outlook the strains used in your pre rolls taste great and smell even better I enjoy the indica pre rolls very much. Saves me time when I’m getting home from work just pop the tube light and enjoy .

  27. Byron Stufken (verified owner)

    I buy these joints all the time. Great quality product. Burns slowly and works very well. Will purchase again

  28. Nastacia Debrosse (verified owner)

    Great quality, burns slowly! Definitely will continue to buy. Go for the XL for sure!

  29. Alexsander (verified owner)

    Great pre rolled indicas, always good for a quick calm before night sleep

  30. Matthew (verified owner)

    You don’t need many puffs or good rolling fingers with this pre-rolled, some of the best in Los Angeles. Also, please turn in the tubes for extra points on your next order!

  31. Dane R (verified owner)

    Pretty good – but they are SMALL compared to most other pre-rolls I’ve purchased.

  32. Tannisha

    Love Kush Fly’s Pre-Rolled joints! I always get the sativa and it helps boost my creativity! Would def recommend any type of artist to purchase this!

  33. Kira0911 (verified owner)

    I love these! Great to smoke just before bed. Plus the price is great.

  34. TOM (verified owner)

    Kushfly Prerolled joints are terrific. nicely rolled and good quality for the money. Delivery a breeze as well, thank.

  35. Kaur (verified owner)

    Very nicely packed and rolled. The bud burn slowly and does not leave an unpleasant taste in the mouth. I felt a mellow high, and a clear mind. The best for stress relief, especially since I dont have to stress about rolling a perfect one myself.

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