Kushfly First Time Customer Pack

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Kushfly First Time Customer Pack Information

First Time Customer Pack includes 1 free pre-rolled joint, 1 glass pipe and 1 grinder (Total value $22)

Hello new customers! We are thrilled to have you a part of our online collective. As a thank you for joining us we’d like to offer a small starter kit to get your medicating needs started. Whether you’re brand new to the cannabis world or a seasoned smoker just looking to try out a new medical marijuana delivery service, this kit is a fabulous addition to your 420 swag. The Kushfly First Time Patient Pack includes a one chamber herb grinder, a gorgeous hand-made glass bowl, and the option of a pre-rolled joint OR an in-house cannabis infused edible. The best part of this combo pack? If it’s your first time ordering – the whole thing is completely free. That’s right – FREE! So don’t forget to add this item to your cart before you check out!
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19 reviews for Kushfly First Time Customer Pack

  1. Danna Sinclair

    This was so awesome I do wish it came with a lighter but beggars can’t be choosers, this was my first time ever ordering from anywhere shop or delivery so it was nice that they got me started up with this set of things I came to need .

  2. Cecilia Magallanes

    I was surprised by the amount of stuff I got. And I was happy to find out the quality of the joints provided me with a decent high. It was a very nice experience for a first time patient.

  3. Alexa Janney

    AMAZING ftp! so much better than other collectives. lots of new accessories and very generous. love this site and would definitely recommend to anyone. convenient service and helpful staff!

  4. Joslyn Thomas

    What a nice gift for a first time user. Love it!

  5. Alicia Mayes

    My first time ordering from kushfly. I’m kinda new to all of this so was pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy it was to order with them. I had a few questions and the live chat representative helped me immediately to address my concerns. Amazing that they included this great welcome package with my first order since I have nothing myself, really helpful! Will definitely be ordering from only from now on.

  6. Jane Pochetty

    The lille goody pack was a really nice extra to my already fabulous order.

  7. Robert Cummings

    The First Time Patient package is nice, but it begins with the assumption that the patient smokes or vapes only buds. You get a joint, a glass pipe, and a grinder, so if you’re into oils or waxes it’s not going to wow you. They should offer you a choice of similar cost products that would accommodate dabbers, ingesters, smokers, and even topical…I hope this doesn’t sound like I’m complaining about free stuff! Just saying they can improve (since they asked my opinion!)

  8. Andre Beugelmans

    I placed my first order a couple of weeks ago and I was left thoroughly impressed. The driver arrived in an under an hour and on I went to happily sample my goodies. The Face off OG that was recommended to me by the lady who answered my phone call was by far one of the best OG flowers I have had all year. On top of it the first timer bag was loaded with goodies. I am about to place y 2nd order now and I look forward to many more.

  9. Veronica Chacon

    Awesome service! The Elmers glue really helps with my back pain and helps me get some sleep. I received the gift bag and was surprised how much stuff I received. Thanks Kushfly! I can’t wait for my next order I want to try some edibles gummy worms !

  10. Travis Fields

    Fantastic customer service, and a great selection. Love the recycling program!

  11. Laurent Boye

    Very friendly and nice to get a gift, and a well thought one.

  12. India Harper

    this was so cute! the grinder is perfect and the bowl was white!!! my fav

  13. Tommy Bishop

    This was the perfect package deal. Thank you

  14. Joshua Bragg

    This was such an awesome way of being introduced into the KushFly care family. The glass pipe is exactly the right size for my needs. I don’t need much to get by, so having a smaller pipe is essential. The Joint I haven’t tried yet, so no word there, and the grinder is a great thing to have. Really helps to break everything up without loosing any product.

  15. Amy Mehlhaff

    This was an awesome way to be welcomed ! Everything you need to get started on your medicine .

  16. Bennett Gwizdalski

    This is probably one of the best FTP packages out there. Best free pipe I’ve ever gotten. I usually resent when dispensaries give me free pipes because they are the tiny cheap $5.00 ones. I think I was honestly most excited about my pipe when I received my first order from kushfly, hah!

  17. LW

    Wow. I was so surprised when I saw my new patient gift pack. The pipe is extremely cool, large, and durable. (Blown multiple times) The free joint was great and really nice to add the little grinder as well. Extremely generous new patient pack.

  18. xavier atkins (verified owner)

    So damn nice and thoughtful. Thank you.

  19. Corey K (verified owner)

    Was very surprised by the quality of the pipe, it has already come in handy once, despite the fact that I vaporize primarily. It functioned well and took a pretty hard drop in stride. The joint was also surprisingly nice, I unraveled it and vaped it up, and it was pretty tasty and gave some nice thick vapors. Haven’t used the grinder yet but I have one exactly like it, and can attest to its quality (I have had the other grinder for 6+ years).

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