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Hazelberry Strain Information – Canndescent- Cruise 201

This gorgeous strain is a prime example of medical cannabis. Sporting lime green coloring and frosty pistils along with nice tight buds with thick orange hairs. Its aroma is both sweet and clean, with a very berry like scent. Its flavor is also sweet and berry tasting. Hazelberry Strain is like an incredible Blue Dream phenotype with a touch of pine. Expect a largely cerebral effect that also encompasses the body, allowing for total relaxation along with a noticeable spurt of creative energy.


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2 reviews for Hazelberry

  1. Rachel G

    Hazelberry smokes just as good or maybe even better than it looks. I recently discovered the Canndescent brand of cannabis and searched for them on weedmaps, which is how I found Kushfly. Canndescent categorizes their strains into things like “create” and “calm” to dumb it down for those of us who are not weed scientists. This strain was under “cruise” meant to keep you going throughout the day, a good mellow high, nothing too heavy. Hazelberry is my favorite from Canndescent, so far. I love that I can smoke so much of it and not feel tired or burnt out. It’s fruity, really easy on my throat, and doesn’t make me lazy AT ALL! I have also tried it at night before bed and slept wonderfully. I was a little worried that it may keep me up with a brain that won’t turn off, but I actually slept through the night peacefully and awoke fully rested. I’ll be getting Hazelberry again and again!

  2. Brett Davidson (verified owner)

    The hazelberry is good indeed. It was a little bit dry, but that wasn’t enough of a reason not to smoke it. It wasn’t too heady and didn’t expand uncomfortably in my lungs. It smells great and looks really pretty with all the trichomes. Definitely worth recommending to friends.

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