Gelatti Biscotti

Gelatti Biscotti strain is known to creep up on you, starting with an unfocused sensation catering to a relieving calm. It is known as a happy, so expect to feel light, giddy, and social.

THC: 30.10%

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Gelatti Biscotti Strain Effects

Gelatti Biscotti is a indica strain. Coming with a 30.1% THC level, it leaves more physical calming effects rather than cerebral. Both strains encourage positive relaxation. Gelatti Biscotti cannabis strain is known to creep up on consumers, starting with an unfocused sensation catering to a relieving calm.

This bud is known as a happy strain, so expect to feel light, giddy, and social.

Flavor & Smell

Imagine you are enjoying a sweet nutty Biscotti cookie with your favorite coffee, that is exactly how this strain tastes and smells. With hints of sweet earthy and diesel a smile is bound to spread across your cheeks.

As you exhale, you’ll have a pleasurably rich and surprising spicy exhale.

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