Candy Pave

Embarking on a session with Candy Pave introduces a heady, uplifting high, heightened by the potential limonene content that gently washes away anxiety, ushering you into a warm, embracing euphoria.

THC: 32.2%


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Candy Pave Strain Effects

Embarking on a session with Candy Pave introduces a heady, uplifting high, heightened by the potential limonene content that gently washes away anxiety, ushering you into a warm, embracing euphoria.

Conversely, the experience shifts with Candy Pave, enveloping you in a profound couch-lock, inducing a delightful laziness that lingers throughout the day. The extent of enjoyment with Candy Pave is subjective, contingent on your appreciation for a prolonged, deeply relaxed state.

Beyond the recreational aspects, both strains offer therapeutic relief. Candy Pave, renowned for its pain-relieving properties, also serves as a stress and anxiety antidote. Additionally, its reputation for alleviating nausea makes it a beneficial choice for those dealing with frequent stomach issues.

Flavor & Aroma

Candy Pave entices the senses with a captivating aroma that mirrors its robust and sweet flavor profile. The scent is a delightful fusion of strong vanilla and caramel notes, enriched with a subtle hint of orange.

This aromatic symphony, though not overpowering, sets the stage for the sensory journey that follows. As you delve into the citrusy vanilla taste, the fragrance lingers in the air, creating an immersive experience.

The pronounced sweetness in both scent and flavor is expertly complemented by the gentle citrus undertones, offering a balanced and inviting olfactory and gustatory adventure. Candy Pave stands as a fragrant and flavorful cannabis choice, appealing to enthusiasts seeking a distinctive and well-rounded sensory experience.

How does it look? 

The bud displays a rich dark green hue with subtle purple undertones, almost concealed beneath a dense coating of glistening trichomes that envelop every crevice, contributing to the strain’s captivating allure.

At first glance, its aroma is unmistakably redolent of a vibrant and sweet Candy Pave, carrying nuances of lemon and berries. Candy Pave’s exceptional bag appeal is no surprise, given its high resin content and lineage, including the renowned Eye Candy.

Distinguished by intense dark purples, the strain boasts an aromatic profile seamlessly fusing gas and minty herbal notes. This amalgamation of visual and olfactory elements enhances the strain’s overall appeal, making Candy Pave a visually striking and aromatic cannabis choice for enthusiasts seeking a sensory-rich experience.

Suggested Activities

Embark on a sensory journey with Candy Pave, where the adventure begins with an uplifting cerebral buzz, instantly brightening moods through a surge of dopamine. This euphoric phase seamlessly transitions into a luxurious, lazy body high, inducing a sense of tranquility and leisure.

Perfect for an evening unwind, Candy Pave is an excellent choice for those seeking relaxation and an enhanced appetite – the notorious ‘munchies’ are sure to follow, making it ideal for activities like a cozy movie night or a laid-back dinner with friends.

Beyond its recreational appeal, this strain is a suggested companion for combating insomnia, providing a gateway to a peaceful night’s sleep. Indulge in Candy Pave to elevate your experience, whether it’s a soothing evening at home or a restful night of rejuvenation.

What is good for? (medicinally)

  • Depression
  • Appetite Loss
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Stress
  • Pain

Alternative Strains 

  • Galactic Punch
  • Lemon Fuel
  • Ginger Ale
  • Apple Crisp
  • Blueberry Cookies
  • Beach Wedding

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