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Candy Chem Strain Information – Canndescent- Charge 503

The delicious combination of Cotton Candy Kush and Chemdawg brings the MMJ community this amazing new Sativa strain. Candy Chem is a pungent strain that normally yields smaller to medium sized buds. The nugs are dark green and covered in bright orange hairs, with a heavy dusting of crystals that cover the entire bud. The smoke is earthy with a sweetness in each puff and patients searching for a daytime medication can stop looking here. Best for those dealing with depression, high stress levels, and even a lack of appetite – this strain will keep patients upbeat, awake, and engaged – you’ll be ready to take on the day after a quick bowl of Candy Chem.


2 reviews for Candy Chem

  1. Geoff

    I owe all of my college success to strains like this Candy Chem. I love indica and sativa equally, but there is a time and place for each one! I rely on strains that smooth out stress and help me focus my thoughts to get me through my studying. Candy Chem kicks in fast like an energy shot with a smile. It does not make me feel tired or sleepy-eyed at all, but still has subtle traces of indica benefits. Long hours of studying don’t cause the strenuous amounts of neck and back pain as they used to. My eyes are usually sore after straining them over a laptop for hours, but Candy Chem (and other Chem Dawg varieties) seems to ease that pain. I will also warn that this strain gave me the munchies, but that’s a side effect I can deal with. The taste is truly sweet like candy and has a sweet taste when you exhale too. 5 thumbs up!

  2. Marlon

    Very uplifting
    Candescent flowers never fail

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