Black Cherry

Black Cherry is an indica weed strain. Black Cherry ice strain is a fantastic choice for consumers looking to relax and unwind at any time of day. This strain tastes like berries with sweet apricot undertones, and is said to smell similarly.

28.3% THC

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Black Cherry Strain Effects

The Black Cherry OG high is best described as sleepy, with bouts of euphoria and a surreally uplifting gusto. Coming with a 28.3% THC, this indica strain hits you square between the eyes, giving you the sensation of someone hitting your internal pressure button. After just one hit you’ll feel all your pent-up tension release and you’ll relax deeply into your chair. This phase lasts for hours, with lots of introspection and haziness. You’ll begin to doze in and out, and on the comedown, you’ll fall completely asleep, which for many turns out to be the best night of sleep they can remember.

Flavor & Aroma

Black Cherry OG is thick and rich from the start, but with a slice of acidic sourness and earthy, spicy notes to level it out. Like a bowl of dark fruit and squeezed citrus (or a glass of homemade sangria), the strain is intensely fruity, with just enough lime and Kush flavoring to provide balance for OG lovers. The aromas and flavors are very closely tied with a sweet and spicy nose and a palate rich in sweet berry tea and blueberry spice.

Bowls and joints of Black Cherry OG tend to taste more spicy and earthy than the smell suggests, but the cherry and citrus notes are still strong on the sides of your mouth, blending with tastes of soil, vanilla and rubber for a balanced cannabis combination.

How does it look? 

These buds have long, dense pepper-shaped forest green nugs with patches of minty green and a spattering of bright orange hairs and trichomes. Some tokers would argue that the outdoor look of Black Cherry OG’s light-purple spots, light trichome blanket and long sugar leaves is prettier in the grow than modern pot.

Suggested Activities

The high of this delightful strain starts light and comfortable, uplifting the user, giving a lightheaded euphoric feeling, relaxing body and mind, effectively and effortlessly dealing with stress. The more time passes, the more relaxing the high gets, gradually moving from the head unto the body, sending warm waves down the limbs and spine.

Black Cherry strain is an ideal strain to indulge after a long day at work or treat yourself to after a stressful week. Once the high develops into a heavy, but pleasurable body sensation, you might experience a couch lock. The best way to spend this time is to go to sleep and get the most refreshing rest you had in a very long time.

Medical Benefits

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar
  • Mild cases of PTSD
  • Muscle Tension & Spasms
  • Cramps

Alternative Strains 

  • Purple Sunset
  • Emerald OG
  • Wookies
  • Animal Mints

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