White Runtz Smalls

White Runtz Smalls offers an over-the-top fruity aroma and flavor with sweet undertones that are a true testament to the flower’s parentage.


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The Fruity History of White Runtz

White Runtz is the lovechild of Gelato. Both parents have there own sordid past. Gelato is a cross between Thin Mint GSC (formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies) and Sunset Sherbert. Both have OG Kush in there lineage. White Runtz is a hybrid of Grape Ape and Grapefruit, which gives White Runtz it’s fruity flavor. Los Exotics White Runtz Strain Delivery In Los Angeles

Appearance, Taste, & Aroma

The phenotype of Runtz is a beautiful flower that sparkles from the thick layer of crystalline trichomes. It has small round flowers with an array of greens that range from forest greens to deep purples. White Runtz has tannish-orange pistils that weave throughout the nugs.

It offers an over-the-top fruity aroma and flavor with sweet undertones that are a true testament to the flower’s parentage. Some consumers report it has a sour citrus aftertaste, which most likely comes from it’s unique terpene profile that’s limonene dominant.

Why Buy the White Runtz Smalls Strain?

The White Runtz strain is beautiful, it’s tasty, and offers an amazing aroma. However, most people are looking to know the effects of the popular candy-themed flowers. As an even hybrid, the body’s response is split. You won’t fall asleep after a few hits of White Runtz. But you will experience a total body high that numbs and calms you from head to toe.

A few hits into the joint or pipe is enough to strip away the day’s stress and completely relax your mind. Nonetheless, it’s not going to throw you into a couch-lock. Instead, you’ll feel a bit of energy from the exciting hybrid that’ll boost your creativity while keeping you super-focused on the tasks at hand.

Additionally, medical patients love White Runtz. Many reports that it’s ideal for taking away chronic pain during the day without putting them to sleep. Individuals are able to get there work complete while experiencing far less or even no pain. Other medicinal uses include reducing anxiety, improving mood, and drowning stress with an uplifting mood. Most reviews of the famous and potent buds include the words “relaxed,” “happy,” “stress-free,” and “uplifting.”

It’s clear. The White Runtz strain is a must-have for your next delivery. The strong cannabis buds are an excellent option for medical and recreational patients looking for a daytime bud that will keep them going strong without a nap break. Also, throw in a similar flower to mix it up, such as Bahama Mama, Gelato #41, or even Pink Bubba Kush. All three strains contain high levels of limonene that offer more euphoria and less sleepiness.

Marijuana Baba

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