Venice Cookie Company Cannabis Cookies

Venice Cookie Company Cannabis Cookies delivery in Los Angeles.

THE HIPPIE 100MG THC :Trail mix. Granola. Oats. This vegan beauty makes love, not war. With peanut butter and dried cherries, it’s so good, it’ll make you want to hug a tree. Each childproof resealable pouch contains 100mg THC. 10mg THC per cookie. 10 cookies per pouch. VEGAN.

THE SURFER 100MG THC: White chocolate chips float on peanut butter and shred tasty waves of coconut for an epic experience. Each childproof resealable pouch contains 100mg THC. 10mg THC per cookie. 10 cookies per pouch. The Surfer is made with COCONUT OIL.


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Venice Cookie Company Cannabis Cookies Recreational Marijuana Edibles Delivery

Venice Cookie Company Cannabis Cookiesl Marijuana Edibles Delivery in Los Angeles. Kushfly delivers curated selection of marijuana flowers and brands for Adult-Use in Los Angeles. You can orderVenice Cookie Company Cannabis Cookies delivery to your door in Hollywood, West Hollywood, North Hollywood, Studio City, Burbank and most cities in Los Angeles.

17 reviews for Venice Cookie Company Cannabis Cookies

  1. Thomas

    This lemonade is strong. You don’t have to drink the whole thing would be good to last you through the day. Just have a little and wait a while before you have anymore to see how you feel. Very tasty all venice cookie co. stuff is great on this site

  2. Ramon Carver

    THIS IS NOT GATORADE! Don’t drink it like that. lil sips. just lil sips. I drank the whole thing and was feeling soo high. It’s delcious and thirst quenching, but makes you hyper high. That’s why you should only be drinking a bit. Learn from me. Don’t take this to the park and drink it while playing basketball.

  3. Natasha Venable

    This was really good and great flavor. I’m looking forward to ordering this again.

  4. Annabel

    Have yet to try the other flavors, but the strawberry is tangy and sweet! Instant high that lasts a good while. Would definitely recommend!

  5. William D

    Wow, wow! Much better than any other infused drink I have tried. Tried Lemonade and Strawberry lemonade. Both very strong sweet full flavor with only a hint of that marijuana taste. This is great for patients that do not like the strong aftertaste that accompanies most edible/drinkables. As others mention, the effects are strong as well so use with caution. Don’t waste this if you have things to get done, you will only end up regretting it and wishing it would wear off. This is amazing for a lazy weekend day or holiday when you just want to chill without a care in the world 😀

  6. Heather Thompson

    I really really love this lemonade! All of the flavors are great, I especially like the Strawberry. Venice Cookie Company is one of my favorite edible companies. I usually drink just a little bit of this at a time and it makes me feel great, relieves stress and promotes creativity for me! The price with Kushfly is also nice, I typically get about 4-5 doses from this drink.

  7. Amanda Johnson

    Pleasantly surprised, tastes good n great for all tolerance levels. Nice Sativa buzz. Newbies should follow dosage directions.

  8. Lazara Miranda

    This product was awesome. It was a super mellow high, ands I had a blast with it

  9. Eva Aguirre

    I loved this drink a lot! I wish I could just order this drink but sucks your minimum is $40.

  10. Natalja

    These cookies are high class baked goods to begin with. Getting baked from eating them is a bonus. They are vacuum sealed for freshness and it was soft and fresh when I opened it. I love the Churro and the Elvis. This is one of those edibles where you really need to watch your portion, because otherwise you’ll end up eating the whole thing and sleep for 16hours. GREAT PRODUCT!

  11. Nikki

    The Elvis 1000mg is amazinggg. Even unmedicated, I’d still get em! The taste is awesome, not super weedy or anything which i really appreciate. Extremely potent so be careful! A little piece goes a long way.

  12. Dean (verified owner)

    The Elvis (1000mg THC) is tasty, but it gets stale faster than my other Venice Cookie Co favorite, the 4.20 Brownie. For high-dosage Venice products, they are all great, but I prefer the brownies & mints a bit to the cookies. So I’m giving this five, but it would have been four if I wasn’t in such a good mood.

  13. Natalia (verified owner)

    I just tried the Surfer cookie for the first time and was blown away by the taste! I meant to eat about 1/3 [50mg worth] but I got carried away and ate about half of it. I was very very highly medicated, definitely a bit more than I planned. But man, it is an incredible cookie. The peanut butter and coconut blends so surprisingly well. SO GOOD!

  14. streetartistpictures (verified owner)

    Love the products from Venice Cookie Co. They have different levels so you can always find the right treat for you. And the multiple types are great!!

  15. David (verified owner)

    I ordered the Chipster and couldn’t have been more pleased. The cookie itself was delicious and didn’t have much of a flower taste. Just a heads up, this particularly salty cookie, so make sure to have water on hand. Also, they’re on the harder side, so it can be difficult to cut into precise doses. Perfect for relaxing after work.

  16. Dean B (verified owner)

    The Venice Cookie Company edibles have grown on me – I’ve always appreciated the taste, but the medicating effect has become my favorite from the popular high-dose edibles as when I eat a little too much, it’s a navigable experience (with some edibles, if I eat a little too much, I just feel like crap and fall asleep).

  17. Liseth (verified owner)

    As usual I love this edible. I always order the 1000 mg Elvis cookie and it definitely does the trick. I never regret this purchase and always get a mellowed out feeling to help with my anxiety.

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