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Tokin is committed to being the best producer of concentrates and oil cartridges available on the market. What separates Tokin and competing brands are the high quality and consistency found every product. Every cartridge is infused with the purest and highest levels of THC and CBD to ensure every user is receiving the best possible experience. Many enjoy our products that contain oils which are well-known for relieving health issues and promoting overall wellness.

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  1. KitcheN (verified owner)

    I love using this. It’s so convenient and super effective and last a surprisingly long time. I take it everywhere I go because it’s perfect for a quick hit or two when you don’t have to drive. No smell. No buttons. No charging. You just inhale and it works. My first hit, because I wasn’t used to it, was a very strong hit. I didn’t know if it was working and ended up inhaling a LOT of smoke and I was pretty high within the minute. I got the sativa and it’s perfect for watching TV or right before a meal. I don’t know how I ever lived without something like this.

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