This Shit Right Here OG (TSRH OG)

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THC: 29.7%Hybrid

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This Shit Right Here OG Strain Information

Born and bred on the Forest Moon of Endor, or Northern California for the uninitiated, and just as mysterious as the inhabitants is This Shit Right Here. The only thing that is known for sure is This Shit is a cross between two unknown, though hyper-potent, buds. We know this because it gets you super high! The dark green buds, brown trichomes, and crystal resin is reminiscent of its foresty grow location.

 This Shit Right Here is, according to lab results, an indica-dominant hybrid. Only a few hits and you’ll begin to feel its hard-hitting cerebral high, followed by the slow melt of relaxation as your body feels as if you’re gently entering a spa. Watch out though, If you consume too much of This Shit Right Here, you’ll want to eat your couch – that is, if you aren’t locked to it.

 Thankfully, This Shit Right Here is not named so due to the taste or smell. Instead, the smell is full-bodied, pungent and earthy. Inhaling the smooth taste of This Shit is similar to its smell, but a little more earthy. I recommend having a glass of your favorite beverage to wash down the exhale which can be quite pungent.

This Shit Right Here OG (TSRH OG) Strain delivery in Los Angeles 

Medicinal Qualities: This Shit Right Here helps alleviate a variety of symptoms that slow you down throughout the day. The top three uses would have to be to curb loss ofappetite, insomnia, and chronic pain (including pain from stress).

Recommended Activities: Since This Shit Right Here is fast-acting and heavy hitting, it is recommended that whatever activity you choose is one where you will be comfortable until the initial shock wears down. My personal recommendation is to enjoy during a marathon of the original Star Wars trilogy and munch away. Bring a friend or two to truly enjoy the mind-melting and relaxing experience.

Music Recommendation:

Artist– CY

Song– This Shit Right Here


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4 reviews for This Shit Right Here OG (TSRH OG)

  1. Jesse

    This shit right here is amazing. Couldn’t find more potent budz in this city if you wanted too!

  2. Paula Haro (verified owner)

    For starters let’s talk about your two hitter quitter. This strain is by far the best I have smoked in awhile. Relaxing feeling, smoked before sleep, slept like a baby.

  3. sdb635 (verified owner)

    I like to review the flowers on kushfly because sometimes people say kushfly doesn’t get the best flowers, but the more I try the more impressed I am by kushfly’s bud. For example, the excellent TSRH OG I sampled tonight. One gram as usual. Came as three medium-sized nugs. Nugs had many brown hairs in tight clusters. Nose was nothing special, but all of the buds were caked in snowy trichomes. Flowers was dry and brittle . . . but super sticky. Squeeze it and it hangs upside down from your finger tip for as long as you want sticky. Ground up and gummed up my grinder from the stick. Smokes fines and full. Two deep pulls and it’s ending a lovely, long day of smoking. Highly recommend. Kushfly’s flower game is tight, and this is right after all the 4/20 megasales e’rywhere.

  4. Dylan (verified owner)

    Lives up to its name. This is real deal OG.

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