Super Jack

Super Jack strain is a great daytime strain that will calm any anxieties and propel you through your day. With a rich buttery aroma, this potent Sativa sparks creativity and provides an uplifting boost of energy.

THC: 29.7% 

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Super Jack Strain Effects

Super Jack is a potent sativa-leaning hybrid that amplifies the outstanding effects of it’s two parent strains. This energetic bud is the product of legendary sativa Jack Herer and highly resinous Super Silver Haze. Created by Amsterdam-based Southseeds, Super Jack delivers long-lasting energy and mental clarity for a variety of daytime activities and moods. Super Jack takes hold quickly, exerting a concerted pressure around the eyes and temples.

It may also cause the face to flush, especially if the consumer stands up after toking. Almost immediately thereafter, Super Jack’s cerebral quality begins to shine through with all the inspiration and clear headed focus that makes Jack Herer so popular. As the high wears on, a mild body high creeps in to provide a tingle of relaxation and pervasive relief in the core and limbs. These physical effects are unlikely to slow down or incapacitate users, though, instead serving to lift any lingering anxiety.

Flavor & Aroma 

When properly cured, flowers of Super Jack smell earthy and dank, reminiscent of wet soil. Hanging underneath this aroma is a bright citrus scent, similar to fresh orange zest. Meanwhile, grinding up Super Jack’s buds releases some herbal notes of sage and eucalyptus. When burnt, the strain gives off a smooth and easily palatable smoke. This smoke tastes both fruity and hashy on the exhale.

How does it look? 

Super Jack can be identified by it’s large flowers which adhere in spadelike forms, tapering from a broad base down into a pointed tip. Despite this strain’s sativa lineage, it’s buds have a characteristically indica structure, with leaves curled tightly inward rather than spiraling loosely out from there central stems. The leaves themselves are a dark shade of forest green and are offset by twisted orange pistils. A blanket of resinous trichomes leaves these flowers very sticky and difficult to break up without a grinder.

Suggested Activities

Users may find there ideas swirling around in free association or may begin to turn over particularly interesting concepts, searching for solutions to an entrenched question or problem. As such, Super Jack can be a great accompaniment to a busy workload, whether you’re focused on complex professional tasks or simply running through mundane chores. Super Jack’s ideal combination of mental and physical stimulation can be particularly good for engaging in activities that involve mental and physical coordination — including, but not limited to, exercise, dancing, and even sex.

For those in a less active mood, Super Jack can be a great way to break the ice in social situations, sparking conversation and easy camaraderie. Because of it’s mostly energetic properties, Super Jack is best enjoyed as a daytime treat; consumed before bed, it’s almost certain to keep sleepy smokers awake and wired.

Medical Benefits

  • ADD
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Chronic Pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis
  • Headaches
  • Nausea

Alternative Strains 

  • Candy Jack
  • Lemon Meringue
  • Super Lemon Haze
  • Jacked-Up
  • J1

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