Super Blue Dream

Super Blue Dream has sativa properties that will give you continued energy and an aroused state of happiness. Super Blue Dream can be a wonderful strain for everyday use.

THC: 23.1%


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Is Super Blue Dream an indica or sativa ?

Super Blue Dream is an sativa strain.

Super Blue Dream strain effects

Super Blue Dream has uplifting and energizing cerebral effects.

Super Blue Dream THC level

Super Blue Dream has a THC level of %23.1

Super Blue Dream strain flavors

Super Blue Dream Flavor profile consists of berry, citrus

Super Blue Dream weed delivery in Los Angeles

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Super Blue Dream Strain Information

Super Blue Dream is a blissful berry bud whose parents are the Sativa blend Super Silver Haze, a 1997 prize winner at the High Times Harvest Festival and Blue Dream, also a Sativa-dominant Hybrid. This strain is best known for it’s fast acting qualities and overall full body effects of happiness and an uplifted mood.

As with it’s parent strains, Super Blue Dream has sativa properties that will give you continued energy and an aroused state of happiness. Although the strain is powerful and best smoked in moderation by less-frequent users, it’s effects will not prevent you from being able to focus and complete tasks. In fact, Super Blue Dream is best smoked during the day due to it’s sativa-dominant character traits. The strain boasts a powerful berry aroma and an even more delicious blueberry taste to match.

Super Blue Dream Strain Effects

As a great relief for those suffering from stress or severe anxiety, Super Blue Dream can be a wonderful strain for everyday use. Although uplifting and arousing, this strain has been noted to cause headaches in those whom may be prone to headaches. If you suffer from constant head pains, this may not be a good choice for you. Medical uses include fighting fatigue, chronic stress, depression and a lack of appetite. You may experience dry mouth and dry eyes, and if you smoke alot of the bud you can feel slightly dizzy. If you’re a fan of fruity-tasting strains with a powerful kick to last you throughout the day, than this is the perfect strain for you.

User Review: “Right when I cracked the seal a strong blueberry aroma begin to billow out of the bag, the smell brought a smile to my face, bright green color with orange hairs, fluffy but solid, crystals coated all over the green!

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