STNDRD Live Resin Sauce Pod 1G

STNDRD Live Resin Sauce Pod is a premium distillate vape pod filled with cannabis extract at 92% THC. Perfect for enjoying anytime, anywhere, this discreet and sleek pod is compatible with STNDRD pod batteries.

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STNDRD Pods will no longer be manufactured, and these are the last available products! 

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STNDRD Live Resin Sauce Pod

STNDRD has mastered the art of extraction by using top-shelf cannabis strains.

All STNDRD products are lab-tested to ensure delivery of the highest STNDRD products to all cannabis connoisseurs and first-time users.

STNDRD Live Resin Sauce Pod is a premium distillate vape pod. Offering excellent flavors and potency, these pods are filled with 1G cannabis extract, containing 92% THC.

Perfect for enjoying anytime, anywhere, this discreet and sleek pod is compatible with STNDRD pod batteries.

What Is Live Resin Sauce?

Live resin sauce is a cannabis concentrate known for it’s high potency and rich flavor profile.

It is made by extracting cannabinoids and terpenes from freshly harvested cannabis plants that have been flash-frozen to preserve there natural compounds.

Live resin sauce is a sticky, flavorful, and aromatic sauce with a high THC content, often used for dabbing or vaporization.

Cannabis lovers who love terpenes and flavor usually prefer this sauce over other weed concentrates.

Available Strains

Indica Strains


Wookies is an indica strain that offers a delightful taste of sweet herbs and crisp mint, echoed in it’s earthy, nutty aroma with hints of spices.

It’s high is deeply relaxing, accompanied by a euphoric onset, mental tranquility, and a heightened appetite.

Platinum OG

Platinum OG delivers deep-seated sensations, inducing a calming full-body relaxation that may leave you comfortably immobilized.

This tranquility is often accompanied by waves of euphoria, an overall sense of joy, and a pronounced tendency to drift into a profound state of drowsiness.

It’s fragrance is reminiscent of diesel, spiced undertones, and subtle hints of coffee, which are mirrored in it’s flavor, accentuated by delicate herbal notes.

Banana Pie

Banana Pie, a rare indica, has a delectable flavor profile, blending sweet cherry berry notes with a touch of fresh banana and nuttiness upon exhalation.

The aroma resembles a spiced banana muffin, tinged with earthy and spicy undertones as the buds burn.

The high is uplifting and profoundly relaxing, perfect for carefree evenings with friends. It begins with euphoric bliss, fostering social engagement, relaxation, and occasional laughter.

Sativa Strains

Dragon Punch

Dragon Punch sativa strain delivers a knockout punch of effects that’ll first immerse you in a lifted, euphoric haze, leaving you happily spaced out.

This cerebral journey transitions swiftly into a profoundly relaxed state, ultimately inducing sedation. It boasts a sweet, fruity blueberry flavor with hints of earth and spicy herbs.

Super STNDRD Haze

Super STNDRD Haze strain offers astounding sativa effects that are very uplifting. Providing potent flavor and aroma, you can simply inhale and enjoy this easy-to-use vape.

Space Queen

Space Queen, known for it’s haze-like qualities and instant body buzz, provides a delightful blend of joy and relaxation, making it a sought-after escape from daily stress and fatigue.

This strain, cherished by both occasional and regular users, offers rapid pain relief and muscle relaxation.

Newcomers may experience dizziness, but heavy smokers tend to avoid strong adverse effects. It features three distinct flavors: earthy, citrus, and sweet.

Hybrid Strains


Chemdawg has cerebral effects, igniting creativity and tranquilizing body high soothing muscles.

It has a robust, spicy, plant-like flavor underscored by diesel undertones, emitting an aromatic profile.


Gushers is a hybrid strain named for the delicious candy, and brings on the flavors with a combination of sour tropical fruits and rich creamy cookies in every toke.

The aroma follows the same profile, although with a slightly herbal overtone and touches of spicy grape. The Gushers high isn’t quite as bright as the flavor, with super relaxing effects best suited for lazy nights spent at home with friends catching up on Netflix.

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Kushfly delivers a curated selection of vape cartridges, edibles, concentrates, flowers, and the best cannabis brands for adult use in Los Angeles.

You can order STNDRD Live Resin Sauce Pod online and have them delivered to your door in Hollywood, West Hollywood, North Hollywood, Studio City, Burbank, and all cities in Los Angeles.

Simply order online, via text, or give us a call! Delivery to all cities in LA takes under 1 hour. You will receive a tracking link with live delivery updates and ETAs.


What does STNDRD Live Resin Sauce Pod contain?

STNDRD Live Resin Sauce Pod is filled with premium cannabis distillate.

How many grams does STNDRD Live Resin Sauce Pod have?

STNDRD Live Resin Sauce Pod comes with 1G of pure cannabis oil.

Where can I buy STNDRD Live Resin Sauce Pod?

Kushfly offers fast & discreet cannabis delivery service for STNDRD THC Vape products.

Which devices are compatible with STNDRD Live Resin Sauce Vape Pods?

STNDRD Live Resin Sauce Vape Pods are compatible with STNDRD pod batteries.

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