S.O.L. Selects Honey Oil 1g

pure honey oil from S.O.L. Selects. Perfect for dabbing with smooth taste! Very potent and strong!


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Sol Selects Honey Oil contains pure C02 extract cannabis Oil. Versatile, simple, it makes cooking, vaporizing and using topically that much better. offers full gram sizes in glass jars.

Pure Natural Cannabis,
Zero PG & Zero VG,
Pesticide Free,
Solvent Free,
Gluten Free,
Mold Free,
Wax Free,
Tar Free.

Pacific Mango:
Heavy Hitting!

This Indica strain is a heavy hitter. With a very High concentration of Myrcene, This strain delivers a “Couch-Lock” effect with the ability to provide fast pain relief.Trixx:
“XXX” StrengthMega amounts of Myrcene, followed by selected amount of Citral, Geraniol and D-Limonene make Trixxx the perfect evening mix! Myrcene causes a “couch-lock” effect while Citral and Geraniol synergistically help with nausea and stressPink Lemonade :
RelaxingThis Hybrid strain is great for pain!
Equal concentrations of Myrcene and D-Limonene, acts as an antidepressant with a very clear, uplifting and focused high. Linalool provides added sedative effects and pain relief.
Banana split:
FocusAs a Sativa dominant hybrid, the concentrations D-Limonene followed by Myrcene and Pinene provide a synergistic focus formulation.This cognitive aid has the ability to provide heavy pain and stress relief with an elevated state of mind.Wu-Tange:


A bright, energetic Sativa strain. B-Caryophyllene and D-Limonene team up to provide anti-inflammatory and gastro-protective properties. Terpinolene pairs functional anti-fungal and antibacterial support with mouth watering flavor.

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12 reviews for S.O.L. Selects Honey Oil 1g

  1. David Sanchez

    Very nice med. Smooth taste. Easy mellow medication. Only complaint is that it should be sold a in a rubber silicone type of container. It’s a pain in ass to get out all the goodNess in the little glass jar it comes in.

  2. Matt

    I used to get Dabface from Kushfly but they had this in the menu, so i decided to try it. Here’s what i think; It’s as strong as Dabface but this one has more flavors in it, i tried pacific mango which is super strong, but i definitely got the mango taste, which means there are some flavor sugar or something. If you like Honey Oil, this should be your main stuff. Pacific Mango is loud, Wu Tange is kicker.

  3. Kaitlyn Roya

    I wasn’t expecting it to be this strong. I wasn’t sure which straing since I’ve not tried this before, but the girl on the phone was super helpful. Helped me decide which to go with. It showed up not too long after. I might have had a bit too much, but it all worked out : )

  4. Matt P.

    Even though it’s a new company, they do a good job with their honey oil. It smokes smoothly and tastes like their names.

  5. Christine Hoffer

    I only tried to banana split flavor so I can’t speak to the others but this was a great smell. Great taste. It’s equally as strong as Dabface but more options. It lasted me a good amount of time as well. I want to try the pink lemonade next time.

  6. Ruben

    I love the oil, it has a sweet flavor, but I just did not like how is was stored in the glass. But other then that, love it…

  7. Quinn

    I’ve not tried S.O.L. brand before. The jars weren’t labeled what flavor was which, but once you open them and smell and taste it’s pretty clear which is which since they actually taste and smell like the flavors listed. There’s a strong full body high that takes over completely. It does tend to drop off hard towards the end and send you straight off to sleep.

  8. brenda

    I have only tried the Pacific Mango cartridge. The product itself, in my opinion, is fantastic. Clean and user friendly. For me, it was heavy enough to make me forget my pain. I believe you can control how heavy it feels base on how much you decide to take, but note if you are not a seasoned patient, it might be a tad too heavy. Always medicate responsibly and best wishes.

  9. LA Vinyl Dude

    SOL Selects is super potent. And, it is very tasty. I tried the Trixx and really enjoyed it. I wish they had more in stock. Can’t wait to order this again! This is very similar to the Dab Face, which is also fantastic.

  10. david


  11. Trevor Penick

    I love Kushfly. They make it a habit to bring in the best extract brands, and I really appreciate the convenience of having high quality product delivered to my door. Delivery people are friendly too. Enough about them though, this wax is amazing! 10/10 when it comes to both flavor and potency for the price.

  12. Joslyn Thomas

    Very mellow without knocking me to sleep. Perfect for doing dabs. I wish it was a little easier to get it out of the container though.

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